Writer’s Block?

By jameszol
Published on November 15, 2007

Sorry, I am having a tiny case of writer’s block tonight – there is so much to write about, and I’ve written a lot of headlines but I can’t nail down my thoughts enough to crank out a valuable, worthwhile post so…I decided to look up ways to overcome writers block because these tips can help somebody work through writing multiple ads and landing pages!

From Wikipedia:

Some authorities have recommended the following to those suffering from writer’s block:

  • Scheduling time to write and working, regardless of the quality of the output.
  • Engaging in brief periods of “freewriting” or “mindwriting,” in which people impulsively write whatever comes to mind.
  • Using writers’ exercises such as “chunking”. They use many websites that contain numerous creative writing exercises. Writers read an exercise, and do it.
  • Taking a break, meditating, or doing relaxation exercises to relieve any pressure on oneself and on the writing.
  • Doing something out of the ordinary. If writer’s block comes from a lack of new ideas, attempts to spark creativity by going somewhere new or doing something different can be useful.
  • Returning to the writing after a lapse of a day or two.
  • Write a basic plot outline of the story, if having problems keeping the story on the rails.
  • Brainstorming at the beginning of the writing can help the writer by relating every point to another.
  • Reading, watching movies or plays, or similar activities that might bring inspiration.
  • A good strategy is also going out to get some fresh air.

Most of the following is directly quoted from the Freelance Writer’s Exchange:

Writer’s Block can hit any writer, at any time. It can last for a few hours, days, weeks, months and sadly, even years. Here are a few creative ways to overcome writer’s block and get that creativity flowing again.

Write With No Purpose – Set a time (15-20 minutes seems good) and write. Just write. No editing, no stopping, just let the words flow through your pen onto the paper, or your fingers onto the computer screen.

Write Creatively – Use a Prompt – I am a Writing Prompt junkie and sometimes my best writing comes from using a writing prompt. My very favorite piece I wrote was from a writing prompt. “The last time I saw…”

Read – Yes, pick up a book on something you wish to write about, or that might fit the genre that you are most interested in. Start reading and you might be surprised at the number of ideas that might start pouring fourth.

ReWrite Something Already Written Or Give It A Twist – Take a piece that has already been written and re-write it the way you wish it had been. Or try a spin on it.

Try Some Lyrics – Try writing lyrics to a new song, a poem or even rewriting lyrics to an already recorded song. Or take a song and write the story behind the song. Country songs work especially well with this. It can be a serious, poignant piece or a silly, fun piece.

Be Spontaneous and Try Something New – Doing something out of the ordinary can sometimes help open a creative line that was otherwise blocked off.

Be One With Nature – Stroll through the woods, take a walk at the local park, sit on a park bench and watch the ducks in the pond. Take a pen and notebook with you and record what you see, what you hear, what you feel.

Stuck? Take a Break! – If you are in the middle of writing a piece, take a break.

My thoughts:

This is turning out to be quite a relevant topic. In fact, one of my favorite blogs is ALL about writing great copy: copyblogger.com.

Writing a compelling ad, using semi-qualifying language to filter unwanted clicks, and writing great landing pages are some of the biggest keys to being super successful with pay per click advertising! Those could be my next headlines/pay per click advertising tips…stay tuned for more tomorrow! :)

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