Wishful PPC Thinking

by shanesnow Jul 02, 2008  11:07 AM  - (1 comments)

The United States Justice Department has stepped in on the Google/Yahoo! ad deal, opening a formal antitrust investigation. According to the Washington Post, “Google and Yahoo officials have said since the deal’s announcement that they would delay its implementation for a voluntary Justice Department review.”

In essence, the deal that the two search engine giants have worked out is that when Yahoo! runs out of ads to serve, Google will supply the rest. This will help Yahoo! to deliver ads for some of the more long tail search queries.

So it looks like there’s going to be some investigation, deliberation, etc., into the antitrust implications, and we of the PPC community will just have to see what happens.

Yahoo! and Google both say that the deal with be good for competition. We’re hoping that the deal turns out to be good for us. In fact, when it all gets sorted out, we kind of hope for the following sort of anti-trusty, merger-ific mistake:

(Click to enlarge)

Oh yeah! :)

We know that’s probably not going to happen, but here’s to wishful thinking!

Note to people who are inclined to look at screen shots without reading the accompanying posts: The above screenshot is fake. We made it. This did not actually happen on a real Yahoo! search. Also, Ad #2 is very unoptimized, although we are thinking of testing it and see what kind of conversion rate we get… :)

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One Response to “Wishful PPC Thinking”

  1. Mike (1 comments.) Says:

    One can always hope!!!

    My personal opinion is that I would like to see Yahoo! make it on their own without Google or MSN getting involved. (3) healthy competitors battling it out would be better for US than (2) or even (1).

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