Wicked Hot Mobile Ad Platforms You Should Try

By shanesnow
Published on February 25, 2009

Have you been thinking about mobile advertising? If you haven’t, you probably should. Mobile advertising can be an extremely profitable part of an integrated Internet marketing or pay per click advertising campaign. Mobile has been called the world’s fastest growing ad medium, and today we’re going to run through 8 of the Hottest Mobile Ad Platforms in order to help you start off on the right (mobile) foot.

Google AdWords for Mobile

If you’re ready to trudge out onto the PPC battleground, AdWords is a logical place to start. With mobile ads integrated into its regular search and content campaign management, AdWords can be a great place for mobile advertisers to begin as well. To enable ads on mobile devices, just indicate so in your campaign settings:

Our advice: Separate your mobile campaigns from your regular search campaigns, just like you should be separating your content network and search campaigns.

Lots of people use Google on their phones, so get a piece of the advertising action by trying AdWords for mobile search!

Yahoo! Mobile Advertising

Yahoo! also has mobile advertising, although it requires a separate application to enroll. (Sorry all you who already use Yahoo! Search Marketing).  The application is short and easy. This is another really great place to start your mobile ad campaigns, as Yahoo is a very large mobile search property.

Yahoo! Mobile Advertising also has a very cool demo, which you should check out:


One of Fast Company’s top 10 most innovative companies in advertising and marketing, Admob has been serving mobile ads since 2005. These guys specialize in iPhone and Android ads, and they’re really, really good. And, Admob has a pretty impressive mobile analytics beta out now:

Definitely check them out if you’re considering going mobile with your marketing.

MSN Mobile Advertising

Although their tagline indicates that its searchers are “affluent customers,” MSN Mobile is a very large mobile destination. Their ad platform serves banner ads next to their “premium content”, and also now serves ads on Windows Live Mobile search. At over 62 million page views a month from MSN Mobile users, this can be a pretty good place on which to throw your own ads.

Third Screen Media

Third Screen Media by Platform A is AOL’s mobile ad network. Not only do they have some mesmerizing javascript at the bottom of their website, but they also do ads for some large provides Verizon and Virgin Mobile, and partner with some big publishers like Mapquest, Traffic.com, and CBS Sportsline, not to mention AOL.com. Premium pubilshers aside, they have a pretty good sized publisher network, which is grouped handily by content channels for easy ad buying.

Nokia Interactive Advertising

Nokia calls mobile advertising a “medium advertisers can no longer afford to ignore.” Boasting 40% of the handset market, Nokia can really deliver your advertisements to a lot of people. While their program is geared toward huge sponsorships and banner campaigns (noteworthy clients include MTV and Hyundai) rather than PPC for search like some of the other platforms we’ve discussed, if you have a lot of mobile advertising to do, you should definitely contact Nokia Interactive Advertising. These guys acquired enpocket.com, a huge mobile ad player, somewhat recently.


Quattro claims to be “North America’s Best Performing Mobile Ad Network,” which is, as they say, pretty awesome. From media planning to analytics to even SMS advertising, Quattro offers really extensive services for advertisers, and they are a powerful company to work with.

Millenial Media

Millenial Media is another huge player in the mobile advertising business. They boast some big publishers like Myspace Mobile, RottenTomatoes, and Fox. They have some huge reach, and are known for their MBrand and Decktrade networks.

Again, mobile advertising is growing at an almost alarming rate. Advertisers are seeing huge returns on their investment, partly because the medium is not as saturated as others. So jump in!

What other mobile ad networks are wicked hot?

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