Why CRM for law firms has a WOW effect

The workdays of legal firms are truly hectic: tons of paper documentation that need to be processed and added to the database, thousands of complicated cases that must be solved always ASAP, impatient clients that demand personal service and immediate attention. Lawyers physically cannot manage all these challenges manually without errors and omissions that are unacceptable in the legal matters. That is why legal offices leverage CRM for law firms in their practice. CRM helps not only lawyers, for example, CRM for moving company.

CRM for law firms is the cutting-edge software designed to manage and automate specific business processes of law offices and help attorneys, lawyers, and other legal professionals establish a productive relationship with customers, thus, grow revenues by providing better service and more effective target marketing.

Fine CRM systems for law firms enable companies to become much efficient, optimize the time spent for compliance, and help to reduce overall business risks by streamlining mission-critical tasks and routine operations leaving less room for manual errors and inefficiency.

For today, the most reward-winning software for legal offices is CRM bpm’online – the powerful solution that is able to solve any business challenges of a law firm. Embedded sophisticated tools and advanced functions tailored specifically for the law industry are able to manage the customer’s profiles, accounts, cases and events, documents, appointments, bills, and invoices.

CRM for law firms to build trust among clients

Keeping up with innovations and bringing them into a daily practice for a more efficient and trusted service is the best way to know your customers better and provide them with what they require. Using CRM for law firms, lawyers and attorneys can:

  • Capture, create, edit, maintain your customers’ data and history of communication from the very first contact, and keep it in a shared database;
  • Manage lawyers’ data to assure a due process of law and promptly deliver necessary documentation of any lawyer activity;
  • Route clients automatically to the right member of a team for a follow-up action based on different routing criteria like license, territory, etc;
  • Engage clients in campaigns of the drip marketing that can send personalized emails and messages at the scheduled time;
  • Alert the employees and get them automatically assigned to a new case in a real-time mode;
  • Set up document workflow triggers to ensure that the necessary paper is attached to a specific customer profile;
  • Review current cases to stay on the top of a schedule;
  • Synchronize CRM for law firms with third-party apps to follow-up meetings, events, calls, notes, and tasks;
  • Integrate the online law firm management into a website or popular social media and build online forms to allow visitors make requests for self-serve information, a callback or a quote, submit complaints, proposals or tickets, track referrals;
  • Monitor and evaluate employees’ performance with real-time custom reports and dashboards, and track the time of every task;
  • Bill the customers with quotes and invoices by the hour, specify versatile hourly rates for different lawyers/attorneys/types of job;
  • Manage leads and opportunities without ever letting them slip through the cracks.

Companies use bpm’online, the leading CRM for legal to prompt the development of their busniess, follow up on leads, stay in contact with current customers and share information and tasks throughout an organization. Lawyers can keep track of their customers that helps to gather valuable information and drive enhanced relationship intelligence.

Tracking the history of communication and analyzing the customers’ profiles, the law officers can improve their case study work, conduct more successful marketing campaigns, and develop effective business strategies. CRM for lawyers keeps an entire company focused on the quality of communication, empowering the lawyers to give each lead and customer the attention they deserve. Learn how law firms can benefit from the Cloud legal CRM software on https://www.bpmonline.com/legal

CRM for law firms to get to the heart of every case

With the advanced CRM for law firms, legal professionals can easily manage their legal and entire organization’s cases within the single location. The functions of a good CRM platform like bpm’online allow the users to track how the cases progress through their lifecycle.

The software makes it possible to define and customize case stages and tune up proactive alerts and notifications that can inform a case owner of actions, tasks or documents necessary for the specific time. This feature ensures best law business practices.

With an intelligent CRM law solution, legal firms and agencies can manage the entire documentation with a company-wide access and optional security settings, review any document or content with a powerful search engine and connect specific information with particular cases, activities, customers or leads.

CRM for law firms also streamlines routine workflows with help of customizable legal documents templates, delivering the employees from executing redundant tasks and re-entering repeatable data that significantly speeds up key operations and simplifies the processing of new information, as now information can be automatically extracted from the unified knowledge database built in a full-featured law firm CRM suite.

Legal professionals can do their work and run their practices from anywhere thanks to the mobility of law firm CRM solutions. Using a tablet or a smartphone, lawyers and attorneys can manage cases, easily communicate with their customers, share documents, orchestrate workflows, execute tasks and projects, control overall performance and billing on-the-go, stay aware of industry-related trends and current issues and thus, prevent any sticking points or bottlenecks, which may slow the business activity down.

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