What should our new business name be?

By jameszol
Published on January 28, 2008

Please help us choose a new name by voting in the poll!

And PLEASE let us know of any perceived trademark issues with these names – any copyright, trademark, or patent issues…please state them all in the comments if you have or find any. :)

We decided that we want to adopt a social business model. Our choice for a social agenda is alternative energy/green living/environmental awareness.

We will outline a few of our new initiatives and actions for “greening” our business in a later post.

The options for our business name are “semvironment” and our thinking behind that name is pretty simple – it means SEM Environment with a twist that obviously represents our dedication to our environment, the user’s experiential environment, the competitive environment, and more for our customers…and the other name is “Alternative SEMergy” and the spin we would take on that is the fact that we are in the minority by charging for our services on a performance basis which puts an emphasis on pricing AND our social initiative is clearly visible with that name – alternative energy.

Finally, if you don’t like either of those names we would welcome your suggestions in the “Other” part of the poll.


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5 Responses to “What should our new business name be?”

  1. Ludvik (6 comments.) says:

    You could keep your logo, and find a name on this page:


    -But i did not liek the two you where considering

  2. jameszol says:

    Thank you Ludvik! :)

    We were planning on changing the entire image…including the site design/theme and logo because the laurel wreath is probably trademarked.

  3. Dr. Pete (11 comments.) says:

    Will you still primarily be targeting the SEM market? My concern with those two names is that you might get people interested in green websites who know nothing about SEM (and don’t understand what it means).

  4. jameszol says:

    Yes, we will stick to what we do best: PPC Management.

    Thank you for your comment – do you think your concern would make a big branding hurdle or would we simply need to provide a way to satisfy those parties interested in green sites while primarily educating and offering our services?

    Maybe we should partner with site developers/designers/branding companies that are “green” too and turn it into a destination for anybody and everybody that wants to be green on the web…of course, the site would be clear that we’re a search marketing (ppc management) company but we have these partnerships to help those that came for something else.

    Thanks for provoking us to think about this a little more Dr. Pete!

  5. Dr. Pete (11 comments.) says:

    Just saw your reply, James. It’s probably not a big issue; as long as your content is still primarily SEM related, I assume you won’t be pulling in a lot of traffic from green websites just because of the domain name (and you know as much about how to avoid that as I do). From an overall branding perspective, I guess it’s just a matter of how much you want to integrate that theme into the business. Maybe some carbon-free PPC management? :)

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