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What Pages Should You Test First?

By jameszol
Published on February 6, 2008

I attended my first webinar yesterday and I have to admit I was pretty impressed. I’m going to start attending more and blogging about the items I thought were important to note and related to improving ROI. The webinar I attended was an AMA Webinar called Landing Page Optimization: A Process using Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer.

You can find the webinar here and the slides here. The two presenting panelists were: John Hossack, VP Bus Dev and Usability at VKI Studios and Tom Leung, Business Product Manager at Google (Website Optimizer).

I have a lot of notes but I think this was one of my favorite takeaways from the presentation. In Tom Leung’s slides he had this graph that visually displayed which pages you should spend a majority of your time testing to increase conversions (I took the liberty of redesigning it a little for the blog):

The blue/green circle is where we should spend our time with tests. It is clear that high traffic, high priority pages should be the pages you test first.

This image makes a lot of sense and most of us would probably say “duh!”; but, what is unique to me is the thought that we need to spend some time testing other parts of the site even if it has already been optimized or if it is deemed unimportant (privacy page?).

One of my favorite examples of making the legal terms page engaging and humorous is Homestar Runner’s legal page…check it out! Stick around for 20 seconds or so…I bet that small change is enough to keep people engaged with the site even if it wasn’t tested.

Don’t get caught up testing the low traffic, low priority pages - focus on improving the pages that will have the biggest impact on the bottom line first, then have fun with the other pages. :)

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