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Weekend Roundup 1/26/08 - 1/27/08

By jameszol
Published on January 28, 2008

We didn’t see anything from the official blogs over the weekend.

Favorite posts from the people/bloggers/companies we admire (alphabetical) -

Aaron Wall’s SEO Domain Auction at Sedo - Very interesting observations…we try to buy a few domains each month and some people are out of their mind asking $10,000+ for a name that does not have any inlinks, any brand value whatsoever excepting the fact that they are usually 2+ years old. Whoever purchased got a steal of a deal!


Email Marketing Redefined — Is Frank Kern God? Or Just a Minor Diety? - Awesome (very much a marketing/sales/endorsement post) post with one key sentence worth repeating: “The money isn’t in the list. The money is in the RELATIONSHIP you have with that list.”

Conversion Tip: Graphical Buttons Can Cause a Huge Decrease in Sales - Very narrow sample but the thought is worth testing on your own site.


Search Engine Benchmarks: Visit to sale conversion rate - One of my favorite posts of the weekend. Sample size seems fair although small in the grand scheme of things but the results are consistent with our experiences. These results might not fit every industry. Very interesting post and a must read!

That’s a wrap for our first weekend roundup!

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  1. Dennis R. Mortensen (1 comments.) Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the head’s up! AND you are actually quite right, that there is a visible difference from industry to industry.

    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools

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