Wednesday Roundup 2/13/2008

Official Blogs

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Convert Your Clicks - I like it when the official blogs post something about improving conversion rates beyond the click…sometimes, I really feel like it’s an uphill battle to balance clicks vs conversions and still maintain an excellent quality score.

Favorite posts from the people/bloggers/companies we admire (alphabetical) -

(EMP) E-Marketing Performance

5 Questions to Help You Plan and Organize Your PPC Accounts - The post is very, very true. Too many business owners and marketers take the shotgun approach to PPC.


Multi-National Search Marketing: Effective Strategies for Global Marketers - Great post that thoroughly summarizes what sounds like was an awesome webinar. Wish I attended this one!

Future Now’s GrokDotCom

Let Visitors Design Your Site for You - My favorite takeaway is this line: “What works best for your customers works best for you…”


The Power of Words when Selling Software - Excellent suggestions for taking the burden away from the user and placing it on the product. Relief and ease of use sells a lot of stuff…it’s a great psychological trigger/benefit.

PPC Blog

Google Adwords Display URL Policy Changes - I am of a similar opinion to the thoughts written in this post regarding the display url policy changes…

Search Engine Land

Microsoft adCenter Says No To Spanish Landing Pages For US Traffic

The Clix Marketing Blog

The Ultimate Visual Guide to Google Ads and Formats - Great find…I vaguely remember finding a page in the AdWords tutorials or help center that had something similar but I don’t believe it was quite as large or informative and it certainly didn’t have YouTube ads/formats listed.

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  1. Ron Patiro (2 comments.) Says:

    I like the selection of articles you have here. You’ve got a new subscriber!

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