Very interesting…Hello Alltop!

by jameszol May 16, 2008  07:05 AM  - (0 comments)

I received my first ‘referral’ from today - lol. I have to admit that our semdaily page is heavily weighted towards PPC blogs…and I didn’t even realize that it was similar to Alltop’s SEO section but more about PPC until Chris Bennett from 97th Floor pointed that out. :) Thanks Chris!

What is funny to me is that I reviewed the Alltop SEO page after Chris pointed it out and I don’t remember seeing anything (or very much) about PPC - and now at the bottom of the Alltop SEO page I see a big section of awesome blogs clumped together that we refer to directly in our semdaily page. Coincidence? Could be…just for the record though, I’m not trying to out anybody - after all, the link to them is followed in this post and they have a fantastic SEO focus…probably why the url is  ;)

What I like about Alltop is that you can ‘hide’ topics or blogs and essentially ‘clean up’ all that clutter…it just takes too much time for me to clean everything up to get what I want so I’m only limiting the space on the semdaily page to a few blogs and most of them will be about PPC because that is what we do here.

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