Timid Link Builders (or Campaign Managers) Have Skinny Kids!

By jameszol
Published on November 12, 2007

Years ago I attended an event that was pivotal in my selling career…at that time I was selling mortgages in South Carolina and for some reason, I could not close a loan on the east coast so I would put in 15 or 16 hour days. 8 hours in the morning/early afternoon for the East coast, then another 8 hours in the early afternoon/evening/night for the West Coast. Not only was I wearing myself thin, I was ragged, timid, and super skinny. I didn’t have time to eat much, half my day felt wasted when I would begin calling California but I was lucky enough to find good people that would let me refinance their homes in California so my fees were modest and I was able to stay alive. Thankfully, I didn’t have kids yet or they would have been the skinniest kids around!

Then, the company came into the bull pen – there were 60+ loan officers here – and announced they would pay everybody’s way to a seminar if we wanted to sign up. Only 13 or 14 of us signed up because it would be a very welcome break to the regular week. It was an 8 hour seminar – I didn’t even know who was in it until the next day!

Zig Ziglar was the keynote speaker at this seminar! He taught me a lot. In fact, I was LATE to this awesome seminar that was key noted by one of the greatest sales people in the world so they seated me in the executive section – FRONT ROW, a little to the left of the stage! I couldn’t believe it! :)

Zig said a lot – and I don’t remember it all, but one of the neatest things I remember him saying was this: Timid Salespeople Have Skinny Kids.

Wow. Enough said. I knew I needed to step up the game and realize that people need help and they need a knowledgeable person to help them navigate through any product or service.

I feel like the SEM/SEO industry is very similar – people NEED to see authoritative sites in the organic search results. They need to see authoritative sites in the sponsored results. Search needs to be a high quality, relevant experience and that is the sale we need to make to get repeat visits, search engine favors, and ultimately more sales!

Zig says: Timid Sales People Have Skinny Kids.

SEO dictates that: Timid Link Builders Have Skinny Kids.

SEM dictates that: Timid Campaign Managers Have Skinny Kids.

Building links is the true sale in SEO – if you can get another authority site to link to you, using decent anchor text, then you will improve the authority of your site and be able to feed those kids. :)

Holistic campaign management is the true sale in SEM – if you can get people to take action based on your advertisements and landing pages, then you will be able to feed those kids. :)

Bottom line is this: Don’t be timid with link building, don’t be timid with campaign management, just do it and your rewards will be incalculable.

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2 Responses to “Timid Link Builders (or Campaign Managers) Have Skinny Kids!”

  1. Dean (1 comments.) says:

    That says it all James. If I might add, If you don’t like the food your eating, you’ll go skinny to.

  2. jameszol says:

    Great comment Dean.

    Seriously, that has a much deeper meaning than meets the eye!

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