The Little “BigList” of PPC Blogs

By shanesnow
Published on August 5, 2008

The TopRank Online Marketing blog publishes their “BigList” of Search Engine Marketing Blogs and their goal is “to provide a useful and accurate list” of the best blogs on the subjects. They do a fantastic job of it too – head over and check out all of the good blogs on their list!

We decided to condense TopRank’s list into just blogs that are relevant to Pay Per Click, and to combine it with our own list of useful PPC blogs. We came up with the following recommended reads (some from TopRank and several from our own list) – make sure you subscribe to their feeds for added insight into pay per click advertising:

  • AdCenter Community – This is Microsoft’s official support blog for AdCenter advertisers.

  • AdWords Addict – Google Adwords News Views Comments & Advice
  • AdWords Official Blog – Official blog of Google AdWords
  • Blogation – Search Engine Marketing thoughts
  • ClickEquations Blog – Craig Danuloff writes this insightful paid search product blog from Commerce 360 on PPC, analytics, and internet marketing in general.
  • Clix Marketing Blog – PPC Expert David Szetela posts a variety of tips and experience based insights on paid search advertising.
  • Conversion Marketing – Common sense Internet strategies
  • Expert SEM – A great guide to search engine marketing news.
  • GrokDotCom – Future Now’s Marketing Optimization Blog
  • PPC Advice – Garry Przyklenk blogs on tips and insights into pay per click marketing.
  • PPC Blog .com – Aaron and Giovana Wall’s new, highly useful blog on strictly Pay Per Click.
  • PPC Blog – Another great blog on the evolving world of PPC.
  • PPC Blog – By Gordon Choi
  • PPC Hero – A heroic look at the basic techniques and finer skills of Pay Per Click management.
  • PPC Discussions – Jeremy Mayes writes about paid search with particular emphasis on Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter.
  • Post Click Marketing – A blog on optimizing online marketing by Ion Interactive.
  • Search Engine Marketing – By Redfly
  • SEM Geek – Besides contributing at SMG, Greg Meyers writes an awful lot about paid search marketing including specific PPC platforms, analytics and overall marketing on the internet.
  • Semvironment – Turning clicks into customers with ppc management tips.
  • The Inside Angle – Andrey writes some solid posts relating to pay per click management.
  • The PPC Book – Jeff Hudson, who works as a client side search marketer, blogs about Pay Per Click marketing.
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing blog – Official blog for Yahoo Search Marketing.

While some of these blogs deal with more than strictly PPC, the majority focus of these blogs recently has been Pay Per Click. Happy reading!

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9 Responses to “The Little “BigList” of PPC Blogs”

  1. Anna Talerico (1 comments.) says:

    Love the blog, and thanks so much for the props on the ion interactive post-click marketing blog!

  2. Lee Odden (1 comments.) says:

    Great idea! Soon we’ll have our own categorization and ranking system for the BIGLIST. Thanks for sorting out PPC blogs. Now we just need a custom Google search engine using this list as the source. :)

  3. jameszol says:

    @Anna – Post Click is an awesome blog! Thanks for commenting!

    @Lee – Welcome to semvironment! We would be happy to help categorize your huge resource list of blogs…and we’ll create a custom Google search for each category – starting with PPC of course. lol – thanks for the suggestion!

  4. jameszol says:

    Here we go Lee:

    The PPC Management Custom Search Engine. :)

    We also added the search box to our PPC Tools page…although we’re trying to find a way to make it easier to use directly from our page.

  5. Jeremy (2 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the mention. Somehow I had missed adding sections of your site to my paid search resources list and paid search resources search engine. All fixed:-)

    Paid Search Resources Search Engine

    Paid Search Resources

    Click on!

  6. jameszol says:


    You’re awesome – thank you for the resources! :)


  7. Dave Davis (2 comments.) says:

    Excellent. There are nowhere NEAR enough PPC related blogs out there. It’s really surprising considering there is just as much complexity, if not more to PPC than there is to SEO.

    Thanks for the mention!

  8. jameszol says:

    I agree that there aren’t enough PPC related blogs out there! They are starting to pop up more and more though…it won’t be but another year or two before PPC is at the maturity level that SEO is today as far as the sharing of knowledge and accessibility are concerned.

  9. Yesi Hill (2 comments.) says:


    Thanks for your great list on ppc blogs. good work :)

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