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Submit A Trademark Complaint To Protect Your Mark

By jameszol
Published on May 7, 2008

A few weeks ago I addressed dealing with trademark issues in AdWords.

We have recently been diving in to protect several clients from trademark infringement in advertisements so I thought I would post the locations to submit trademark complaints to each search engine if you have a registered trademark to protect:

Google AdWords Complaint Form - Probably the lengthiest form you will need to complete…so I recommend doing this one first so you have all the data that the other search engines will want even though their forms are shorter.

Yahoo! Trademark Guidelines - Yahoo! asks you to send a message to an email address and a short list of 5 items they require to open an investigation.

MSN Trademark ‘Concern’ Form - A decent form for submitting a trademark ‘concern’. MSN is quite blunt…but I’m certain this applies to each search engine. If there is not enough evidence or concern, your case will be dropped without further contact or any sign of change. If there is enough info then the trademark will be taken care of. What I really like about MSN is that their policy basically says advertising on trademarked words or using trademarked words in your advertisement are against guidelines and will be removed immediately. Nicely done MSN!

All of these procedures take time so be patient with the process. It can take weeks or months! After all, the search engines are technically not the law so they might not be ultimately responsible to help you protect your own property. They are very helpful and they have gone the extra mile by providing us with ways that they can and do help us protect our property.

Good luck protecting your mark!

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