SMX Advanced - Keynote

by jameszol Jun 03, 2008  10:06 AM  - (0 comments)

Kevin Johnson, President, Platform & Services Division, Microsft

My favorite quote from the Keynote: “Innovate the User experience and the business model behind it.”

…lot’s of boring ‘business’ talk about paradigms and ‘elements of innovation’ ‘entrenched competitor’…Sorry readers, I don’t think I appreciate Microsoft as much as I should…they just don’t seem to be in tune with what people really want like Google is.

Microsoft identifies 3 major verticals or query intent: entertainment, commercial, referrence - horizontal would be navigational queries. MSFT’s big focus is on commercial intent - MSFT started with cash back to drive more commercially intensive queries.

One item on their agenda is that they are going to fix the brand - MSN vs Live vs…

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