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SMX Advanced: Conversion Optimization - Winning After They Arrive

By jameszol
Published on June 3, 2008

Tom Leung

Content experimentation
-testing tools
-randomly send visitors to pages and send them to the same page when they come back to see how they convert

Conversion optimization on own pages have increased conversions by tens of millions

Test several versions of page

Sometimes testing is not for you to just improve conversion rate but it’s there to make sure you

don’t kill your conversion rate - it’s ‘insurance’

Content experimentation is a process

Testing takes great laternate content, proportionate…

Google starting new promotion starting TODAY - Google Website Workout - they will do FREE optimization on companies…Google will

do ALL the work for them! Enter by June 17th!

Scott Brinker

Click is a landing experience - a click doesn’t really have a defined value in and of

itself…but the experience does have value

Clicks are not created equal

Brand is always impacted: Landings are not created equal

POLP - Plain Old Landing Pages…Think outside the “box”

Landing Pages 2.0
-More than a page
-Creative experience design
-Rich media
-Interactive widgets, applications
-Social media interfaces
-Mobile-optimized experiences
-”memory” and personalization
-Behavioral responsiveness

3 different ways to scale, optimize: Test scaling

-Increase the number of alternate page elements and layouts being tested
-A/B vs multivariate techniques
-As far as the outside world is concerned, still just one page
-Diminishing returns (”The wall”)
-Optimization by trying different variations to find the best version of the page
-Increase the number of distinct landing page “destinations”
-Long tail ads mapped to long tail landing pages
-landing page ratio (LPR) metric
-Are landing pages part of the site or part of the ad?
-Optimization by tighter message match, more exclusive niche marketing strategies
-Increase the number of pages in a specific landing destination
-Microsites and conversion paths
-Evolve beyond POLP…the box
-Behavioral expectations

Segmenting, Offering, Deepening - Multipage landing pages

Directed behavioral segmentation - geography, industry, pain point, identity, role, desire,

purchase stage, knowledge, neurolinguistics

Jonathan Mendez

This is a user controlled medium - users are controlling and defining their own experiences which

is why search works so well in terms of loyalty, satisfaction, etc.

Fact: Consumers know more about what they want then you ever will.

Location, Relevance, Content, Search as opposed to Search, Content, Relevance and Location

Robert Bergquist

Test for better returns on ad spend
-60% of advertisers are doing no testing or optimization of any kind
-Majority of those testing use only manual A/B methods

3 Key steps
-Analyze your audience
-Embrace marketing and design best practices
-Test everything - all your assumptions
….then repeat…

What drives your user behavior? Features vs Benefits, hero shot, headline, imagery, etc.

Wire frame your landing pages/templates, then test

What is the most influential element in your wire frame? Only way to tell is testing.

Test different marketing assumptions against the audience given the same adspend can have a big

positive impact on conversions

Crank up the emotions


Is rich media something everybody can try?

No - but if you feel like it would help, it shouldn’t hurt to try it…ask yourself if it solves a problem for the user?

Rule of thumb is to not use rich media if it distracts from the conversion.

When do you use the Google Website Optimizer vs the paid testing platforms?

If you haven’t ever tested, then get your feet wet with Google’s Website Optimizer. Advanced tools do a lot more while Google has the basics down and can improve a website quite a bit…when you start hitting walls, start thinking about the advanced paid tools.

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