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SMX Advanced: Closing The Loop - Are You Tracking Every Lead?

By jameszol
Published on June 3, 2008

I hope you don’t mind me dumping my notes to the blog - I’ll be back to fill these in by the end of the week so they should make more sense. :)

John Tawadros

There is a lot more to a query than the general broad match keyword that shows as a ‘conversion’

Logging leads over time - from several months out

Know what channel is driving which actions

Look through all the lead logs and study trends and patterns - will you have a significant amount

of data?

It’s whether or not you want to track it based upon the incremental insight you get in your

tracking - how much is enough for you?

Alissa Ruehl

What does your company really want to get out of your marketing efforts? Sales? Top line revenue?

Margin? ROI?

What metrics are you using to measure the success? Leads? Clicks? Etc

Use CRM to measure whether or not the leads are truly converting - sometimes a keyword will show

’shallow’ successes due to volume of leads but the CRM might show that the ROAS is extremely low

because of a low real close ratio

Step 1 - create custom fields in CRM system for information you want to capture
–Search Engine

Step 2 - Update tracking URLS
–Use same variables that you get in analytics if you use analytics

Step 3 - Set Cookies
–Put cookie on all pages, not just landing pages

Step 4 - Add Hidden Fields
–Add hidden fields for each variable to all of your forms

Step 5 - Test and Report
–Test all forms to make sure your processes are working

Step 6 - Compare data to paid search spend

Adam Goldberg

Pick the best player (ad)

Pay attention to the ‘assists’ - it’s a team effort…offline ads, other online mediums besides

search are all part of the team

Stages of the customer buying cycle - Problem Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of

Alternatives, Purchase Decisions, Purchase

Problem Recognition - email, website landing pages that don’t convert but show the consumer that

they have the problem is vital to the process

Information Search - click on an ad

Evaluation - Look for alternatives

Purchase Decisions - Final searches

Purchase - Conversion ad gets a lot of the credit when there were several other ‘assist’ points

accrued along the path

Always recognize the ‘team’ that preceded the final purchase

Phone call tracking - Ad dollar spent, web site, phone call, order, phone rep requests customer

link id, phone rep enters order into system with customer link id, periodic extract of sales data

sent to clearsaleing (shameless plug for product…ugh ), ClearSaleing Loads data into Online

Tool and Closes the Loop

Advertising ecosystem

Lauren Vaccarello

Benefit of integration - find out which leads are really worth it, true conversion tracking

Research first

Set goals before you start

Strategies to increase ROI - go after the low hanging fruit, time to sale reports, don’t create

campaigns geared towards long sales cycle leads, highest ROI by campaign report

Stop wasting money - stop campaigns that are generating $0 in revenue

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