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SMX Advanced: Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques

By jameszol
Published on June 3, 2008

Ok - these are my raw notes…I’ll re-decipher them later. This was an awesome session!

Roger Monti (spelling?)

dot edu link hunting

.edu is probably the most white hat link you can get

focus on natural citations

Check what the industry heavyweight backlinks are in your niche

Charitable opportunities

Fact vs Myth

Not a magic bullet, not necessarily better than other links

Would rather buy a well linked authoritative site link than a .edu

What makes them decent is that they are usually free, not in a bad neighborhood

May not be desirable but if you can get it, get it

-pages may not be authoritative

-Not well linked so crawl may not be often

When looking for industry heavyweight backlinks, “bookmarks”
replace ‘bookmarks’ with:
“favorite sites”
“your product or service”

Find .orgs this way too…

When you contact the author of that page, you can say that ‘this fits here’ or create a page that fits the context of that page

One thing to look out for when doing that is that some of the pages may be outdated - watch for abandoned web pages and don’t waste time contacting them

Email address may not be on that page, shorten url a little bit at a time to find email contact - the sites that say ‘contact us’ with more sites is goooold

You might find 1000 or more link candidates so filter out using additional modifiers that increase the relevancy while decreasing the pool of websites to

1000 that might be in a position to give you a link

Jay Young

The thing you need the most is some brass balls and big bucks

Don’t be afraid in link building, there isn’t any place for it

Places to get links -

-Directories (seriously)
–Joe Ant
–Blog Catalogue

More places-

-Non-profit Sponsorships
–arguably editorial
–tax deductible
–Normally very good neighborhoods
–Helps a cause you believe in

Even More-
-Join the SEOcialists
–Digg, Reddit, Stumble

-Big Name Text Link Brokers
-Blog Advertisers
-Smaller Brokers 2,000-10,000 sites
-Specialty Brokers..don’t be afraid to do this stuff
-Amateur Brokers…20 or 30 sites that they command at a time…work with them on a much more personal level…demand a lot more change on a page

Link Bait
-Call Rand

Favorite quote: “At the end of the day, we aren’t in this for morality we’re in this for marketing. We’re not moralists - you gave that up when you got into

the business. Own the fact that you have to do what it takes to get links.”


Vital for success of competitive campaign
Be as relevant as possible
Be as natural as possible
Vary your anchor text
Use co-citation…efficient part of link building - go link out to wikipedia, .edus, .govs, and other good relevant stuff that relates back to what you’re


Darker Methods

Comment Spam
Trackback Spam
Reciprocal Links…avoid advertised reciprocal links…find relevant sites and talk them into linking back to you and you link to them…
Three Ways…avoid same recip problem
Link Farms…find not obviously discovered link farms that still have decent TBPR - be careful

Outside the Box
Template Sponsorship…Find the most popular wordpress templates out there and pay the guy to put a link at the bottom of the theme and give it away for

Contests FREE iPhone!!!
Content Trades…hire college kid that writes well and have them write articles like crazy and start trading them…

Hire Bartenders…reason why they’re great…good social skills…good multitaskers
Avoid buying links from forums
Avoid any site with hidden links
Use moderation and common sense
If the competitions is too clean, mess it up a little.
Don’t over play any aspect of one specific thing - spread it out and be holistic - be natural - don’t overplay blog links, etc.

Stephan Spencer

High value link targets
Pareto Princple 80/20 rule
PR more reliable metric the higher the score
Adobe has nine PR10 pages

Build a Link Building Spider
Look for sites one-click away from Google
Look for sites with super high PR
Preference for sites that already give link love to patron/sponsor
Populate database with site data
Link build your existing links
-Mine your existing backlinks for opportunities to revise the anchor text
-Great tools for this: SEOmoz Pro account, Internet Marketing Ninjas backlink analysis

Networking in the Blogosphere
-Comment on blogs that ‘dofollow’ comment links eg,

Submit to blog carnivals…Host one - great resource, host one and participate by submitting relevant blog posts to blog carnivals to consider your link
Contribute to group blogs - make spreadsheet of group blogs
Be a guest blogger

Get involved via comments and build repoire, then ask for a link

Install Wordpress plugin that injects links

Paid links
-Manufacturing “link authority” vs. focusing your existing link authority
-Don’t try artificially creating link athority thorugh paid links
-Focus link authority

Redistribute Home Page Link Authority
-Improves quality of SERPS for “long tail” non-brand search terms
-Sculpt your backlinks to focus your link authority
-two levels of improvement…

Conditionally 301 Inboudnd Affiliate Links

Be Like Amazon :)
-Only works if you manage your own affiliate program
-Also demand that each affiliate put a link on their legal notices page

Networking in meatspace (real world)
-Build relationships with bloggers at conferences
-Register and attend conferences that link to their attendees (WordCamp - $25, Lockergnome)
-Contribute to Conference Wikis
-Give free talks to libraries and campuses
-Get involved with local meetups
-Invite the W3C to speak and get a link to your event


Write your spider to start scanning for good indicators that they are prone to thank their sponsors

-Contribute to Wikipedia (need to be upstanding member of community)
-Contribute to other wikis
-User profile pages
-Take definitions and create glossary wiki

Link Baiting - Viral Content
-”Hat Swap” spoof of “wife Swap” reality show w/ SEOs
-Quizzes, Personality Tests
-Write a wordpress plugin
-Firefox Extension

Stroke Egos


How do you manage 1000 link opportunities from .edu pages?

Link builders paid on a per email basis or pay per successful result - pay $60-$75 per .edu they achieve and that incentivises them to make smart decisions

on what pages to contact and make effective searches…filter those searches that you do by looking at first couple pages of results and negative out

words…like -news so you get more of the pages you don’t want showing up and you will have a better pool of .edu link targets as a result and positive

results rate will go up as a consequence.

Link building for reputation management - Employ same tactics because you want links to stick. Do mostly what you would do for your own site. Create some

damage control inventory with links…use 301 redirects if you have large properties. Redirect bad stuff pages by redirecting bad content to good content so

it pushes the good content back up. Have some link juice laying around…

-side note, answer to Q to Jay - he says buy the 5000 links for $50 and point them to competitors…if you don’t want to stand out, make it look like all

your competitors are doing the same thing.

-side note: Manage how links look in case you go under a hand check…if you really care about your business and don’t want to see it burned…it’s prudent

to prepare by making your ‘garbage’ smell good if you have any

How do you tell how much a specific link is worth?

Take a look at back links, screw the TB, if the site is heavily linked and has been around for a long time…age and backlinks are very important along with

frequency of updates. If you find adsense or tip jars then you know the site is kinda struggling so you can low ball them. You can sometimes just name your

price and some sites will be happy to take it.

Wordpress plugin out there now that transfers link back to home page for blog post so all blog posts are ’sticky’…

Watch out for ’slapped’ sites with thousands of inlinks and only a pr3.

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2 Responses to “SMX Advanced: Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques”

  1. Eddy Says:

    Seems like a very interesting workshop! Looking forward to the deciphered article!


  2. jameszol Says:

    Thus far, this has been my favorite session. :) I should have it all cleaned up on Thursday or Friday! Thanks for stopping by Eddy! :)

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