Small Thoughts To Break Up the Roundups

by jameszol Feb 27, 2008  11:02 AM  - (0 comments)

I get random, trailing thoughts throughout the day that go something like this:

“That would make a good blog post…”

“I should write that down so I don’t forget about it…better yet, I’ll blog it so I have a searchable catalog of it”

“This is interesting, I wonder what others think about this”

“I definitely have an opinion about that, I should post it”

Then, I don’t get a lot of time to expand on those thoughts beyond a few sentences so *drumroll* I decided to start posting my thoughts and opinions between roundups - most of them will be relevant and useful.

These small thoughts will be related to pay per click advertising in a direct or indirect way. I’ll occasionally post something personal or out of touch with the subject but for the most part, you can expect little good snippets from me starting today.

Also, a disclosure - some of the titles of these small thoughts will come from something I read one or two days ago. I’ll try my hardest to give credit where credit is due but if you notice a quote or a sentence that belongs to somebody else, kindly claim it in the comments and I’ll edit the post to give credit where credit is due.

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