Slow Servers and Daily Roundups Are Hurting My QS

by jameszol Mar 10, 2008  12:03 PM  - (2 comments)

Ok - I’m not advertising for my site right now so it isn’t hurting the AdWords QS but I have to say that my self-inflicted QS says the blog has definitely been showing a very poor quality score for the past few weeks.

The slow load time is due to a Server OS issue that dreamhost is having…and they are going to fix it at night on March 12.

I noticed the slow-down problems a while ago and the site is running unusually slow while I’m writing this post.

Another element of my own poor QS is the relevancy of the blog posts - and, you have probably noted that I have a heavy amount of PPC roundup posts. For me, it was more fun writing regular blog posts expressing my opinion on certain subjects or writing a note here and there that could help other advertisers…and it turned into a roundup fest when I decided to do daily roundups.

The daily roundups actually take more time than I thought they would so I think we are going to go back to roughly 1 or 2 tightly focused roundups each week so I can put more time into helpful, useful, higher QS blog posts. :) What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Slow Servers and Daily Roundups Are Hurting My QS”

  1. Ludvik Høegh-Krohn (6 comments.) Says:

    Well, I still read the roundups, and they have proven to be relevant and covering what is most important in the PPC-world. I think once or twice a week is sufficient.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. jameszol Says:

    Thanks Ludvik! :)

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