Pay Per Click Management Services

semvironment is a ppc management company that specializes in full service, customized pay per click management solutions for advertisers spending $10,000+ per month. semvironment works with Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other paid search platforms to help your business generate leads and customers.

The Process

Pay Per Click Management

Full service solution for managing Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other pay per click accounts so you can focus on more important business tasks. PPC Management includes most of the services listed below – dependent upon your specific situation and needs.

Pay Per Click Campaign Optimization

A one time campaign optimization service for Google, Yahoo!, or MSN pay per click accounts; coupled with an educational review of the changes we make and how to manage the changes if they become outdated because your competitors never sleep.

PPC Account Support

semvironment pay per click account support is a world class service that we offer to anybody who is struggling with their existing PPC accounts, go through our education program and need further support and assistance, or anybody who is new to pay per click services.

PPC Education

A premier coaching service for small businesses and individual professionals who want to learn cutting edge pay per click strategies, bid management techniques, and copywriting. We use a variety of techniques, including personal one on one coaching sessions by phone, video tutorials, and more!

PPC Consulting

Let us do research and analysis for you. We can determine whether or not it makes sense to invest in another market or we can advise on your current sitatuion by performing an in depth SWOT analysis, Full Account Review, and provide you with a findings report that outlines a plan of action.

Text Ad Creation/Copywriting

Writing a clear, action packed advertisement using 70 characters or less can be difficult – even for the professionals. Our text ad creation and copywriting service is designed to give you high quality advertisements that can be tried and tested against your own creations. The ads are designed with your ideal customer in mind. The copy of an advertisement can qualify certain individuals to visit your site; therefore, your visitor quality should increase and when visitor quality increases, conversions are abundant.

Image Ad Creation

Imagery is influential – a picture is worth 1000 words. Several industries will turn more clicks into customers by using image advertisements on a pay per click or pay per impression basis. We have a team of graphic artists and communications experts ready to analyze your image advertisement needs!

Landing Page Creation

You have 10 seconds or less to convince a visitor to stay. If your landing page is not compelling, then you are incrementally losing revenue every time a clicker bounces from your site within the first few seconds! Pull them in with powerful imagery, powerful copy, and a call to action – this is where the magic happens: Turning Clicks into Customers!

Landing Page Copywriting

Good copy drives a person to take action. That action can be anything – a phone call, an email, filling out a form, etc. Convincing somebody to take action is different for each industry so we take time to learn about your customer through careful research starting with your insight, then we conduct a motivational survey through email or through your website. Finding and verifying the sweet spot will encourage the right action every single time!

Landing Page Optimization

If your existing landing page is not meeting your expectations, then it is time to hire a professional. We will conduct tests to determine which versions of an optimized landing page perform the best over time; then we give you the results with an implementation plan including additional ways to test the page in the future.

Landing Page Consulting

Launching a new product or revamping an existing campaign? If you need some advice that will be backed up with research and fresh data, then you should hire semvironment to help you with the changes. We will perform a detailed SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, and customer research to ensure the next step is in the right direction. You will receive a detailed findings report with an actionable plan when a consulting project is finsihed.

Lead Generation

Leads are the life blood of a small business or individual professional. Keeping the pipeline full of fresh leads is critical to improving cash flow and lifestyle. semvironment can develop an online lead generating system using high quality pay per click ads and landing pages.

Pricing: Varies based upon your situation and needs. Call today Toll Free 1.866.445.6925 for a FREE Click Cost review and Opportunity Analysis!

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