semvironment’s shiny new guts :P

By jameszol
Published on June 9, 2009

shiny and new

semvironment has been going through a shiny new internal transformation lately…here’s the latest:

semvironment is now a one man show. I (James Zolman) realized that during this economic turmoil, it is easier to be flexible and strong as a service provider if the people that help me can maintain their sense of freedom to work for others while we have the strictest agreements of confidentiality and non-disclosure in place between our contractors and our clients. Every one of our contractors worked in-house for us at one time so they are trustworthy, smart and entrepreneurial people. Yes times have been difficult here, but every single one of my prior employees is doing great and not a single bridge has been burned because of these times. I am excited to press forward independently with the use of awesome ppc software, the best contractors and the best clients ever.

semvironment is focusing more on education and coaching. I am going to revive the blog a bit with at least a weekly blog post unless I am on vacation with my beautiful family. The blog will cover more SEM stuff while still emphasizing and maintaining a healthy dose of PPC management posts.

I am looking for small business owners, in-house teams, ppc management agencies, ppc software companies or individuals that want or need an external opportunity report. Basically, I would spend two or three days reviewing the account, the history and your analytics reports and write a report for you with ‘next steps’ for helping your team or you improve your ROI with paid search!

And a little plug about the latest for me (James Zolman) outside of semvironment:

You might have heard of Click Walrus a little bit in the previous blog post…I have been investing heavily in this attribution tool designed for small businesses, affiliates and bloggers. I’ll make an official announcement about it soon but sign up for updates early so you can be in on our alpha tests! w00t!

I am starting a personal blog at in the coming weeks. The blog will discuss a lot of different topics…family, business, computers, advertising…just a little bit of everything.

Looking forward to a bright and shiny future for everybody!

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2 Responses to “semvironment’s shiny new guts :P”

  1. Dean (2 comments.) says:

    Hi James,

    Best of luck with the venturing. I’ve missed the informative posts so fire them back up!

  2. Peter (1 comments.) says:

    I read this article and i like semvironment so much.
    The theme of this post is looking fresh and also the way of exposing it is awesome.

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