Search Partners Finally Get Sorted Out In Adwords

By shanesnow
Published on October 16, 2008

Finally, Adwords has enabled advertisers to view statistics for search partners separately from those from This newest change to the Adwords pay per click advertising program adds another level of reporting detail that will help advertisers track the performance of their campaigns.

Previously, data from Search Partners and Google Search was aggregated, so advertisers could view all of their search stats and all of their content network stats separately. Now, however, Adwords allows users to drill down even more and separate the search network partners such as and AOL from the regular Google Search. The Report Center will soon reflect this change as well and give users the ability to run reports with search statistics separated or aggregated according to their preference.

How will this change help you as a PPC manager or advertiser? Well, now you can see if the search network is helping or hampering your regular Google search performance. It’s well known that the Content Network can sometimes drive costs unnecessarily high for certain campaigns (and sometimes it can be quite cost effective as well). Now you can see if AOL and the other search partners aren’t converting as well, which enables you to make the wise decision to cut the cord if necessary.

It’s kind like if you’re advertising on cable and you get the results from your TBS and TNT advertising campaigns lumped together. It might be nice to know that TNT is doing awesome and TBS is doing poorly instead of knowing that overall everything is doing average.

Once again, the more information at your disposal, the more empowered you are to make important marketing decisions.

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3 Responses to “Search Partners Finally Get Sorted Out In Adwords”

  1. New Google AdWords Features | The Inside Angle says:

    [...] Google has recently added a few features to it’s system.  One is that they’ve added keyword quality score and Estimated First Page Bid to the reports you can run and the 2nd is they’re allowing you to separate Google Search clicks from Google Search Partner clicks. [...]

  2. BJ Wright (3 comments.) says:

    I’m glad they started showing this information. This is something I requested months ago. The next step is to allow us to separately advertise to the Search Partners, without having to select Google Search.

  3. jameszol says:

    Hi BJ! When are you going to be in East Idaho? :) I agree…Jeff over at wrote a funny post on that very request.

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