PPC Management for Firefox (beta)

By jameszol
Published on September 29, 2008

Why This Firefox Addon Rocks!

This toolbar will display today’s basic key performance indicators at the bottom of your browser.

Double Click this toolbar for your stats to update – it may take 60 seconds to update depending on the size of your account. The data you see will be for today only.

Right click to see the tool menu and drill down into your account level statistics.

Clicks: Total number of clicks accrued today

aCPC: average Cost Per Click today

Cost: Total spent today

Conv: Total number of conversions accrued today

C/C: Cost per Conversion today


-FF 2+ preferred while we’re confident this works from 1.5-3.0.*

-AdWords Client Center

-AdWords API Tokens

Tip: Your statistics might take 60 seconds or more to load depending on the size of your account. If you still do not see data, you may need to restart FF and test your credentials again.

How to Install This Firefox Addon

Upon download, Firefox should automatically recognize the extension and install it.

If you get any errors:

Right click the logo, click ‘save link as…’, after saving you can scan it with any Anti-Virus program, then open Firefox. In FF, click file -> Open File -> Find the file and open it -> Install

How To Use PPC Management for Firefox


Login Email: Your Client Center login email address

Password: Your Client Center login password

Developer Token: AdWords API Token found in your Client Center (My Account->AdWords API Center)

Application Token: AdWords API Token found in your Client Center (My Account->AdWords API Center)

Client Email: The email address of the account in your Client Center that you want to see stats for

Save your credentials, then test! Load is kind of a pseudo button for now… :)

Tip: You might need to restart FF after saving your credentials for the tool to work properly!

Keyword Estimates Tool

This tool is very similar to the Estimates tool you find in AdWords.

You don’t have to enter a Max CPC if you want to see the absolute maximum you can expect to pay with the highest possible bid ($100).

Keyword Tool (AKA Kewyord Suggestion Tool)

Search Volume and Competition are on the old scale…1 to 5 where 5 is very competitive or very high search volume and 1 is limited competition with a very low search volume relative to other keywords in that space.

In the future we will incorporate the new real number estimates currently available at Google.

Site Keywords Tool

Enter your landing page in the Site URL field and click Generate Suggestions to see what keywords Google thinks the page is targeted towards.

Account Statistics Tool

You can drill down to the keyword level statistics to find out how your account is doing for the day!

Double click your way through and new windows will open displaying the next level of statistics. For example, double click on a campaign to see the ad groups of that campaign in a new stats window. Then, double click an ad group to see the keyword stats!

Privacy and Security

We are confident that this tool is secure and your privacy is protected. semvironment will not and will never ask for or gather the information you enter into this tool. All of your credentials are stored on your local machine, not our servers. All AdWords API calls are made via https. This project is in beta right now so there aren’t any guarantees that a site you visit might have malicious material that could crack this…or one of your buddies could borrow your computer and get your credentials, etc. Please send any privacy concerns back to us asap so we can add it to our development time line as a priority!

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25 Responses to “PPC Management for Firefox (beta)”

  1. manuel (2 comments.) says:

    looks like a nice addition in a ppc marketers tool chest, james. i will try this asap as soon as i satisfy the requirements of the tool. thanks for another helpful post.

  2. Ben (1 comments.) says:

    James, Love the tool! Have yet to try it out but will give it a try soon. And I’ll be looking for more creative downloads here in the future. Right???

  3. Scott Clark (1 comments.) says:

    Clever, but I worry about knee jerk PPC adjustments versus considering trends and the ebbs/flows any PPC campaign goes through. Making too many changes to a PPC campaign can perturb quality score and cause you to lost any chance of getting good test data.

    On the plus side, there are many out there who “fire and forget” and then get a nasty surprise on their credit card bill. I guess in this case a toolbar display would be a good thing.

    I certainly would never encourage my clients to install this. receiving, reading and understanding a well designed adwords report for a reasonable time span is better.

  4. jameszol says:

    Hi Scott, Thank you for your thoughts!

    We agree – this tool is for the PPC Manager, not the client. We also agree that knee jerk adjustments are not a good way to manage PPC – but a knowledgeable ppc manager will consistently watch for trends…and this makes it easy to get a general feel for what is happening without having to log in several times a day. :)

  5. Geoff (5 comments.) says:

    Will there be an options menu available? It would be handy to change the default currency from $ – Would be good as well if we could choose which state to display on the bottom toolbar as I’ve got various other developer add ons installed and after installing PPC Management it does seem to take up the whole of the bar now.

    Seems a great tool though and will prove very useful, thanks :)

  6. Geoff (5 comments.) says:

    state… Meant to be ‘stats’. Heh

  7. Geoff (5 comments.) says:

    Also, would it be possible to create the ability to add multiple client accounts at a time and then have a drop down box or similar to switch between them?

    When you are managing about 50 accounts, it could prove long winded to keep changing the client email address in the credentials.


  8. Gab Goldenberg (3 comments.) says:

    F8888888ING AWESOME JAMES :D .

    Funny, I had an idea for something like this a while back for linkbait, but this is just brilliant. And of course, your rankings for ‘ppc management’ are about to skyrocket :D .

  9. jameszol says:

    Geoff, thank you for the suggestions! We should have an update in a couple months – I will definitely add your suggestions to our development list!

  10. jameszol says:

    Gab, Thanks for the compliment! :) We’ll see about the rankings. There is definitely some tough competition up there.

  11. Geoff (5 comments.) says:

    Nice one James, thanks :)

  12. Jon Clark (1 comments.) says:

    This is fantastic! Nice work and thanks for sharing! I’m curious .. are there plans for adCenter and/or YSM to be integrated into the tool using their respective APIs as well? I’ve definitely added you to my ‘blogs to read’ list! Cheers!

  13. jameszol says:

    Hi Jon Clark, Yes! We definitely want to work with Y! and MSN APIs in the future – I’ve heard MSN is a best to work with so Y! is first in line. :) Thanks for your comment/suggestion! -James

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  15. Geoff (5 comments.) says:

    Do you know when we can expect the next update/release? :) Many thanks.

  16. jameszol says:

    Hi Geoff, Probably at the end of this year/beginning of next year. Thank you!

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  18. Deric Loh (1 comments.) says:

    Finally a tool for the SEM geeks !!
    Will there be versions for symbian OS ? Android ?
    If there is one, it will really rock, having a great feel anywhere, anytime as long as there is wi-fi :)

  19. Dan Adwords Professional (2 comments.) says:

    must client manager open a developer’s account, with billing info? is it possible to test this out with real stats without paying, using sandbox account?

    how much does it cost generally to check 10x day a particular account stats?


  20. ppcmanchester (1 comments.) says:

    Great idea guys. Well done.

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  22. Vertical Return (1 comments.) says:

    A very nifty addon, well done :)

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  24. UK Magazines (2 comments.) says:

    You have done a great work. It will really help me to manage my clients more easily.

  25. Louise (1 comments.) says:

    Is there a Chrome addon?

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