PPC Advertising Roundup for Friday through Wednesday 3/7/08 - 3/12/08

Official Blogs


Google Audio Ads, Meet Google Analytics

Google Closes DoubleClick Acquisition

Helpful tips on our new content network tools - Good tips that can be implemented quickly with the new content tools released within the past year or so. “Must read!”

Yahoo! Search Marketing

More (Keyword) Power, Please - This feature is similar to what AdWords has had at the ad group Keyword level for a while…Yahoo! keeps Googlizing themselves and I love it. :)

Crunch Time - Excellent advice on how to prepare for and handle the minimum bid changes that are going to roll out for the next month or so. “Must Read!”

The Good, the Bad, the Creative - Seven tips to help you make sure you are on target with the search queries. “Must read!”


Focus On Exact Match - Outlines the benefits of using exact match.

adCenter Analytics - How To Run Basic Traffic History Reports

Favorite posts from the people/bloggers/companies we admire (alphabetical) -

MindValley Labs

Speedup or kiss AdWords goodbye - Commentary on the update/addition of landing page load speed to the AdWords QS.

Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik

Standard Metrics Revisited: #5 : Conversion / ROI Attribution - Excellent post, albeit a little salesy surrounding the great content. This is a “must read!” Find out who gets “credit” for a conversion when there are multiple ways somebody may have visited/viewed your website.

PPC Blog

Understanding When To Bid On Your Own Brand - There are always exceptions to bidding on your brand.

PPC Discussions

AdWords Quality Score FAQ - Definitely one of the best, most up to date posts on the current state of AdWords QS. “Must Read This Post!”

Small Business SEM

Game On: March Madness contest for SEO/PPC folks - Have a little fun this month! :)

PPC Hero

How Landing Page Load Time Affects Your Google Quality Score - Commentary on the load time QS change in AdWords.

Save Time in AdWords - Copy Your Campaign Settings - Yes! Yes! Yes! I use Copy & Paste constantly…I love it. “Must read!”

2 Major Reasons Why You Should Run a Search Query Report Today! - Keyword expansion is a very important part of consistently improving your competitive edge and ROI.

The Clix Marketing Blog

My 10 Biggest Mistakes - Sign up for the March 25th webcast where David Szetela shares his biggest PPC mistakes. I think this will be an excellent webcast - a “must attend” event!

the PPC Book

Load Time and Quality Score - I like the concise reminders in this post. “Must read.”

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