James Zolman, Founder

semvironment is technically a one man operation – and that’s me, James Zolman. I have the best contractors in the world that I outsource certain projects to but the core search engine marketing services for my portfolio of websites are personally taken care of by me, naturally.

I have been dabbling in pay per click advertising and web marketing in general for over 6 years now, starting with two of my own businesses. I realized that the part of business that I was most passionate about was website advertising and marketing. After two years of marketing my own projects, I decided to start taking on clients. Since then, I’ve consulted with and improved performance for well over 100 websites and pay per click accounts – small ($500/mo budgets) and large (unlimited budgets as long as certain metrics were attained).

Having gone full circle, I stopped taking on clients in February of 2009 and am focused on a portfolio of internal websites with a few permanent consulting agreements that help sustain my portfolio expansion/exploration.

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