Pay Per Click Advertising: Weekly Roundup

by jameszol Dec 28, 2007  07:12 PM  - (0 comments)

December has been the month of feed burning for me…I think I added 10+ blogs to the 20 or 30 I already regularly read!

Let’s wrap up Christmas Week in the world of pay per click:

Official Blogs


Silent Nights at the AdWords blog. :) I hope they’re enjoying their vacations!

Yahoo! Search Marketing

The Year in Review - Lot’s of these in this roundup list. Most of them are quite enjoyable though…

Live Search’s adCenter (aka MSN)

Another Silent Night here. I hope they’re writing a better strategy to take over the web. ;) I guess I should wish them a relaxing vacation…

Favorite posts from the people/bloggers/companies we admire -

Copyblogger -

The Best of Copyblogger in 2007

ExpertSEM -

Everybody Hates WalMart - Probably one of the hottest stories of the week. Everybody is blogging about it but I enjoyed this point of view.

PPC Discussions -

Wrapping up 2007 - I’m excited to see more from Jeremy!

Search Engine Land -

A lot of great end of month search engine popularity reports this week, I’m glad Search Engine Land covers this - it would be a pain to go to each place and compile this stuff…hooray for SEL! :)

Real Estate Marketers And Their Dollars Shifting To The Internet

Nielsen Online: Nov. 2007 Search Search Sees Google On Top

comScore Nov. 2007: Google Tops Search Share; Yahoo Holds Steady In Number Of Searches

Hitwise Nov. 2007 Search Stats: Google Near All-Time High; Microsoft Hits All-Time Low

Compete Nov. 2007 Search Stats: Google Hits High; Microsoft Steady & Yahoo Declining

Comparing Search Popularity Ratings Services: June To Nov. 2007

PPC Hero -

Getting Certified in Google Adwords, Yahoo! and MSN AdCenter

Search Insider -

Google’s Long, Long, Looooooong Tail

And that’s a fairly quiet wrap for the last Pay Per Click Advertising Weekly Roundup of 2007 from semvironment!

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