Pay Per Click Advertising: Weekly Roundup

By jameszol
Published on December 21, 2007

I love this industry! :)

Official Blogs


Show the right ad for each keyword - It is good to get back to the basics, especially for the newest advertisers out there…

Latest Tech B2B Industry Newsletter

Yahoo! Search Marketing

New Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress

Live Search’s adCenter (aka MSN)

adCenter Budget Features Update

Your questions answered: importing into adCenter - Importing campaigns is usually a pain…I wish search engines could cooperate on this and make importing campaigns universal - one xls or csv or txt style - similar to a robots.txt file.

Post-holiday best practices

Favorite posts from the people/bloggers/companies we admire -

Aaron Wall’s SEO

Contextual Web Ads Exploit Weak, Poor, Desperate, and Stupid People - Interesting opinion…worth a quick read, if anything. Aaron’s thoughts might apply to your products/services.


Copywriting Maven’s Landing Page Makeover Clinic #9: The Four Ps of Podcasting - I love every single landing page makeover on Copyblogger…I recommend reading all of these.


It’s True—Today Really is Cyber Monday - Some of the best affiliates I know did extremely well on Monday…and saw a residual windfall until Wednesday. Thursday was a little quieter as people moved to shopping in the stores.

Two Effective Ways to Reach Hispanic Searchers - Cultural differences must be understood before diving into an International search campaign, great post!


AdWords Keyword Matching Tips - I believe this is an extremely effective method IF certain conditions are met…a great tactical post though.

Google AdWords Tips | Need More Data on Headlines and Sub-Headlines?

Find new keywords - Using the Search Query Report in the AdWords Report Center.

Google AdWords Tips | Official Improvements

Search Engine Land

Paid Search Planning: Do You Really Know Your Customers & Your Market?

B2B Search Marketing: Measuring Success Beyond Conversions

Viacom & Microsoft Announce Major Content, Ads Deal - I think this reinforced Google’s DoubleClick acquisition…which the FTC approved this week.

If Paid Search Isn’t Working Then You’re Doing Something Wrong - Great post, a must read!

Search Engine Roundtable

How do Businesses Keep Costs Low in a Highly Competitive PPC Market? - Great discussion topic. Remember, not everything will work but EVERYTHING is worth trying!

Can Writing Google AdWords Ads Be Automated? - Another good discussion. I think it would be very difficult to make it work.


New Features in Google AdWords & Google Analytics - A YOUmoz post that was promoted to the SEOmoz blog.

Thursday Roundup for the Week of 12/16/07 - SEOmoz started doing a weekly roundup…I’m a huge fan of roundups, especially for those of us that really don’t get too much time to read every single feed!

Seth’s Blog

Your ads are not for you - Great insight. I think this short title also applies to business design and usability - never, ever design for yourself…ALWAYS design for your user!

PPC Hero

We saw a lot of great info from PPC Hero this week…here we go!

Catch More Clicks and Conversions with Better Ad Text: Use the Right Lures! - This is a great series on writing good ads. Definitely a hat tip to PPC Hero for this series!

The Benefits of Using Benefit-Driven Ad Texts: What’s in Your Tackle Box?

Catch the BEST Leads, Not the MOST Leads by Using Qualifiers in Your Ad Text

Increase Your Click-Through Rate with Tasty Promo Offers and Calls-to-Action

How to Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion to Hook Customers

You Will Never Write the Perfect Ad Text, but Here Are 2 Ways To Keep Getting Closer

7 Ways to Be Sure You’re Writing the Best Ads Possible

the PPC Book

Winding Down 2007 - Great thoughts on the trends of ‘07 and what to expect in ‘08 on a micro level. I always favor Jeff’s thoughts on PPC. This was a good post!


The Myth of 2-3% Conversion - Does anybody have hard data to back up the 2-3% conversion rate quoted by a lot of people? Some of the accounts we manage will regularly see 10% plus each day! Certain industries are down in the .5% range…it all depends. Great discussion topic!

And that’s another wrap for a great week in the Pay Per Click Advertising industry!

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