Pay Per Click Advertising: Weekly Roundup

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Introducing AdWords Editor 5.0 for Windows and Mac

Yahoo! Search Marketing

The Whys and Hows of “Insert Keyword” - The synonym for “insert keyword” is “dynamic keyword insertion”…Yahoo!’s way.

Going Social - Very well written rules for winning in social media…this is a good read!

Live Search’s adCenter (aka MSN)

adCenter Feature Review: Improved reporting capabilities - I prefer MSN’s report center over Yahoo!’s…

Favorite posts from the people/bloggers/companies we admire -

Aaron Wall (

Pricing to Sell vs Selling Yourself Short - Great read, I agree with the idea that a lot of good businesses start out selling themselves short with the wrong pricing.

Search Engine Marketing & Brand Lift - Good, quick summary on a research paper that Aaron linked to regarding brand lift and the number one ad position.

Bruce Clay

Practical Tips To Lift Your Conversion Rate - Awesome information, I love it when blogs that seem SEO heavy write about PPC.


Offers That Improve Terms, Add Services, and Make Bribes - Part 3 of the 58 Killer Offers.

Offers That Increase Profit and Generate Inquiries - Part 4 (Final installment) of the 58 Killer Offers series.


Lot’s of AdWords Tips this week from MindValleyLabs - every one of them is worth testing. Check them out!

Google AdWords Tips | Special Symbols™

Google AdWords Tips | A Headline Change That More Than Doubled Click-Thru

Google AdWords Tips | Positioning Yourself in the Eyes of Your Visitor

Google AdWords Tips | Radical Tests to get Radical Results

Search Engine Land

Think Beyond The Click: How To Build Landing Pages That Convert

Search Engine Roundtable

Optimizing Your Yahoo Search Marketing Campaigns After Panama Migration

Google Displaying Exact Address Under AdWords Search Results


PPC Automation: Robots vs Humans - Great argument for outsourcing PPC management vs using software automation.

PPC Hero

More Quick Fixes for Your PPC Account: Get More Clicks

What Everyone Ought to Know About Geo-Targeting in Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing

Take Back Control of Your Ad Rank in AdWords

the PPC Book

Pay Per Click Recession? - I loved Jeff’s comments regarding a hot PPC recession article from a couple months ago. I will have to add a few words to this in a separate blog post…it’s an excellent debatable topic!

That’s a wrap for the week of December 8th through December 14th in the world of Pay Per Click Advertising! These posts are quite lengthy so we might start doing a mid-week roundup and week end roundup…just giving you a heads up!

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