Pay Per Click Advertising: Weekly Roundup

By jameszol
Published on November 16, 2007

We had a busy week this week in the PPC world:

Official Blogs


Google content network tips: Part 1 - Recent improvements

A change to text ads on the content network

Complimentary campaign optimizations — at your request - Wow, this is great! The Google AdWords team will make suggestions for us…

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Improving Your Ad Copy

Advertiser 2.0

Live Search’s adCenter (aka MSN)

Search Marketing Research For UK Small Businesses

Do Your Recherche: Advertising in the French Canadian Market

More Holiday Campaign Strategies - I actually like this series. It covers the basics fairly well and it is applicable all year, not just the Holidays.

Retail (Ad Copy) Therapy: Our Top 5 Insider Hints for Writing Amazing Retail Copy

Posts from the people/bloggers/companies we admire -

Bruce Clay, Inc.

Quick Tips for PPC Optimization - I like it when there are guest authors that write about PPC on blogs that are primarily all about SEO.


The Problem with Waffly Headlines - Excellent blog post about writing specific, high quality headlines.

The Yogi Berra School of Persuasive Writing - I really enjoyed this post and thought it was useful for ad writing and persuasive landing page writing.

Marketing Sherpa

New Study Reveals Absolutely Pitiful Landing Page Marketing Data - Top 10 Worst Stats


Get a Great Ad Position in PPC Right from the Start - Awesome insight and a fair assessment. I love the idea of testing almost anything MindValleyLabs writes on my own campaigns - great information and ideas!

Google AdWords Tips | Implying Passive vs Proactive Product Interaction

Search Engine Land

Paid Search Trends: 2006 vs. 2007 - This was a great comparison to the advancements and demands from last year to this year…this is definately a growing industry!

Online Advertising Continues To Grow: Q3 Worth $5.2 Billion - Oh yeah! I love being in a growing industry. :)

Yahoo Rolls Out Quality-Based Pricing In UK

Microsoft Seeks 30 Percent Of Search Market And Much Bigger Chunk Of Online Ad Revenues

Google Checkout For Non-Profits Customers Get AdWords Checkout Badges - I haven’t had a chance to work with a non-profit that sells products or accepts donations through Google Checkout…but this was interesting to note.

Search Engine Roundtable

Google AdWords Testing “Products from this Advertiser” in Search Ads? - I wish I could replicate this…

How to Give Access to Google AdWords Stats to Users - Nice find Barry, I agree that it is important to give access to users.

CPC vs. CPM on Google’s Ad Network - CPC is the way to go.

Microsoft to Read Minds: Is this the Future of Paid Advertising?

The Good: Yahoo Search Marketing

Early Feedback on Google AdSense Click Area Change

Google Warns of Companies that Guarantee Top Placement in AdWords - This one caught me by surprise.

SmallBusinessSEM (Matt McGee)

8 Things the Search Industry Can Teach Small Businesses - This was a hot story this week, I loved the advice it provides for small businesses everywhere - it’s solid, nice post Matt!

Straight Up Search

E-Commerce PPC Campaign Metrics - I loved this explanation with numbers about how much time and attention to a variety of variables an e-commerce PPC campaign takes.

thePPCBook - Jeff Hudson

Backhoes and Quality Control - Monitoring a site or landing page can be an important facet of ppc management because a page can go down…and we don’t like wasting money on blank pages - and users don’t like them either.

PPC for B2B Advertisers - Keep the Faith (in tracking)

A little conversion goes a long ways - The landing page is critical to lowering costs and improving conversion rates and quality!

That’s all I have this week - enjoy your weekend and visit us again on Monday!

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