Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #5 – Create A Landing Page Folder

By jameszol
Published on November 12, 2007

I recommend to almost every client that we set up a separate folder or directory for pay per click advertising landing pages that should not be crawled by the search engines.


Two simple reasons why this makes sense:

1. Testing. You should consistently test your message, your headline, the copy of the page, the images, etc. Most of the time, A/B testing is going to be the preferred method – especially if you are making dramatic changes to the design OR if your ads don’t get 1000+ views in a relatively short time period.

Because you are conducting A/B tests, or IF you conduct A/B tests, you will be creating pages that have duplicate content that is displayed differently and the search engines might pick them all up and toss the ones that convert the best and index or attribute the duplicate content to the wrong page – the page that doesn’t convert.

That is not a chance I’m willing to take.

Simply use robots.txt to disallow the specific landing page folder/directory from being crawled – and if you’re extra cautious, you can include the robots meta tag although the robots.txt file does a really good job at keeping the search bots out.

2. Organized Design. Sometimes you will create a “mini” site – only two or three pages that consist of the landing page, the confirmation page, and a privacy/disclosure page. Keeping everything in a nice little bundle makes it easy to vary the design and copy without changing your entire site’s design every time you want to test something!

Having this degree of control will improve your results beyond PPC. For example, you might find that a certain headline converts 20% better than another – you would simply move that headline over to the search optimized portion of your site and you will have a good chance of improving your organic conversion rates!

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