Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #4 – Google AdWords Broad Match

By jameszol
Published on November 9, 2007

Google’s Broad Match is similar to Yahoo!’s Advanced Match.

Here is a good example of Broad Match targeting:

You choose to advertise on the Broadly Matched term “car security”.

Whenever anybody searches “car security”, your ad could show up.

Your ad could also show up for the following terms -

auto security

vehicle security

security systems for cars

free car audio security

car security system(s)

buick security system

You can see that targeting a broadly matched keyword is simply telling Google to loosely identify with that keyword.

Here is how you can make AdWords Broad Match terms work for you:

1. Be more specific with your key term or phrase. The more specific you are, the less broad Google can be.

2. Write down all the words that would NOT be the words you want to target and add them as “negative” match keywords.

3. Be specific with your ad – what will the person find when they click through to your site?

The biggest takeaway you can have about Broad Matching in Google is this: Use broad match properly and it can make you lots of money because it is typically less expensive than phrase or exact match keywords.

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