Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #3 – Yahoo! Match Type Tactics

By jameszol
Published on November 7, 2007

Yahoo! Sponsored Search is unique in the way it determines the match types of keywords…for example, Google and MSN have Broad Match, Phrase Match, and Exact Match…Yahoo! has Advanced Match and Standard Match and they almost mean the opposite thing they portray.

I first thought Advanced Match meant exact, more to the point or more defined – you know, Adavanced; Standard Match was a bit more broadly matched. I was wrong so I thought I might clear this up a little bit by defining each match type a little further than what Yahoo! has in their help tidbits.

If you click on one of your campaigns in Yahoo!, you will find a campaign settings button near the middle right side of the page…if you click that, you will come to a page with several settings that you can edit and the Match Types are under the Tactics section in the lower right side of the page. Click “edit” and this is a piece of what you should see:

If you click on the question mark next to Advanced, you will see what Yahoo! has to say about Advanced Match Type:

So Advanced match is like the Broad match function in Google and MSN, right? Well…

Yahoo!’s Advanced match actually goes a little further than the other search engines. You show up for more terms than simple synonyms and misspellings. A good example is the term “internet sales” – your ad would show up for “online sales”, “web sales”, “website sales”, etc. One reason they go a little further is because they are taking your “Titles, Descriptions (meta?) and web content into consideration for delivering ads…pretty funky huh?

It’s one thing to take into account Titles, Descriptions, and Web Content for a quality score…and another thing to deliver ads BEYOND the keyword by pulling a little from your Web Content.

Not to discount Yahoo!’s advertising system, it is actually quite good at delivering decent results and the cost per conversion is typically lower than Google. Simply watch what terms your ads are being delivered with and add the words you don’t want to target as negative terms OR switch to standard match.

Here is what Yahoo! says when you click the question mark next to Standard match:

Standard match can be a little nicer to work with because you almost get exactly what you pay for…the control is there, and it is definately worth testing. Standard Match in Yahoo! means your ad will be more exact to your keywords.

Using the previous example: “internet sales” would ONLY show up for “internet sales”, “intrnet sales”, “internets sales”, etc.

Advanced Match = Lots of variation, broad term match, loosely associated with the keywords you bid on, take into account your landing page (heavily)

Standard Match = Very little variation, semi-exact term match, very tightly associated with the keywords you bid on

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