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Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #2 - Google AdWords Standard vs. Accelerated

By jameszol
Published on November 7, 2007

After you set up and organize your campaign, you will want to visit the campaign settings section for any/all campaigns and test the delivery method and the impact it has on depleting your budget and cost per conversion.

When you are viewing your campaign settings, you will see several sections - you will want to note the Budget section because that is where the standard vs. accelerated ad delivery buttons are:

Typically, when we manage an account we take into consideration the budget, the number of keywords, the advertisement, and the cost per click before deciding whether or not we should accelerate the ad delivery.

Standard ad delivery will be optimal in most cases if the following criteria are met:

Low Budget

Keyword cost per click is relatively high compared to the budget

Keywords receive a high volume of searches

Ad is extremely compelling

Accelerated ad delivery will be optimal in most cases if the following criteria is met:

High budget

Keyword cost per click is favorable compared to the budget

Estimated click volume cost is within the budget

Ad copy is used to semi-qualify clicks before they happen

Standard ad delivery can still feel accelerated - usually when the budget is lower than what the standard click volume is. For example, you have a budget of $100/day in a very competitive, high volume search industry. The standard/average click volume exceeds your budget by 2 PM every day.

Accelerated ad delivery simply shows your ad more frequently so you have a higher chance of being seen every time a search query is performed on your keywords. For example, you have a budget of $100/day in a competitive, low volume search industry. The standard click volume is LOWER than your budget each day so you choose to accelerate the ad delivery rate and you are able to receive enough clicks each day to meet your budgeted needs when you wouldn’t have done so at the standard delivery rate.

Making it simple: Accelerated = More Exposure; Standard = Regular Exposure; Small Budget for your industry = Limited Exposure.

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