Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #10 – Finding Transactional Keywords

By jameszol
Published on December 12, 2007

In Tip #6 we discussed the idea that you will want to target transactional keywords.

How do you expand your transactional keyword list? It really boils down to doing good keyword research.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tools You Will Need

KeywordDiscovery – We subscribe to KeywordDiscovery.

WordTracker – This is our second favorite keyword research tool.

SEOBook’s Keyword Suggestion Tool – A great tool to analyze trends and more.

We will regularly use at least two of these tools to get an average of what we think the real search query volumes are for a specific term. Another one we used and enjoyed was the keyword tool WordZe.

How To Find Transactional Keywords

1. Write down the top 3 to 5 most general transactional search terms you can think of for your product/service.

2. Research one term/phrase at a time in any of the keyword suggestion tools listed above.

3. Copy and paste or write down the additional keywords that fit your transactional keyword profile from the results you get from the keyword suggestion tools.

4. Repeat steps two and three for your additional terms and you will soon have a good list of transactional keywords to advertise with!

5. At some point you will want to stop finding keywords – Warning: This process can get addictive… :)

6. Group your keywords according to theme and start testing ads and conversion rates for these terms.

7. Rinse and repeat!

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