Pay Per Click Advertising Roundup

By jameszol
Published on May 12, 2008

It’s been a while…and all I have to say is that we’re swamped and I’m sorry for not commenting on some of the most noteworthy posts of the previous few weeks.

We’re slowly transitioning to the method of link posting…but here is a current roundup of some of the noteworthy posts every PPC marketer should read/has read within the past few weeks:

Official Blogs


Introducing the AdWords Editor forum – Announcement only Google-group…

Website Optimizer Now Out of Beta – This was good news that buzzed around for a little while in mid-April…you can use the Website Optimizer without having an AdWords account now!

Improvements to AdWords Conversion Tracking – Track multiple conversions in AdWords now.

Green tips for the office – Earth Day. 5 tips from the AdWords Team about greening your office.

Place ads on television with Google TV Ads

Tips on converting last-minute Mother’s Day shoppers to customers – Good tips to use for any Holiday.

Additional TV Ads webinar now available for sign up

Landing page load time now available on the Keyword Analysis Page

Yahoo! Search Marketing

From the Ground Up – Find account organizational limits and fundamentals here.

Minimum Bids No Longer Fixed at $.10 – A good change? We think so…some of our clients are doing much better now than ever before and we hope the same happened for you.

Throw the Bad Clicks Out

Min Bid Changes in Your Account Interface

So Happy Together – 5 ways to integrate ppc and display ads.

Green Clicks – “Must read!” Excellent post about selling the ‘green’ side of our business via ppc.


Keyword research: what can you learn from a word? – Interesting data you can find with the adCenter add-in for excel…but I think you can find this information with other keyword research tools too.

Ad Copy Testing: Systematically Improving CTR – A very well rounded article about why ad testing is important and a quick tutorial/step system to running a good test. “Must Read!”

Microsoft adCenter Add In For Excel – Overview Tutorial

Keyword research with the adCenter Add-in Beta for Excel 2007

Tips for preventing your budget from exceeding prematurely

Register to beta test the Microsoft adCenter Desktop Beta – Awesome! Sign up using the interest form here.

Research Your Way To Business Success

Noteworthy posts from the people/bloggers/companies we admire (alphabetical) -

This is going to be a quick roundup because I am way behind…sorry if we missed your post in this roundup!

eVisibility Insider

When do Branded Terms not Work in Your PPC Campaign?

Help Searchers Find Their Way with Local Business Ads

How to Hold Your PPC Firm Accountable!

Future Now’s GrokDotCom

How to Increase Shopping Cart Abandonment – “Must Read!”

Top 10 Online Retailers by Conversion Rate: March 2008

Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog

9 PPC Advertising Crimes Caught On Screen! – “Must Read!”

Top Online Retailers Not Showing Up in Google!

Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik

Make Web Analytics Actionable: Focus On “What’s Changed” – “Must Read!”

The “Action Dashboard” (An Alternative To Crappy Dashboards)

“Dear Avinash”: Stressed Agency Analyst & Robots Are Out To Get Me!

Own Page One

Why Search Engine Marketing can help you Beat a Recession – “Must Read!”

Yahoo! Raises Minimum Bids – I really liked the insight and commentary on the Y!SM min bid change in this post.

Post-Click Marketing Blog

Playing Russian roulette with your landing pages? – “Must Read!”

Your clicks won’t wait for your landing pages to be perfect

Landing Page Ratio (LPR)

PPC Blog by Gordon Choi

Adwords Content Network Traffic Exclusion Options Explained – “Must Read!”

RedFly Marketing

Take The Guesswork Out Of PPC Campaign Setup

Use PPC To Dominate Your Typo SEO Landscape


Florida Court’s Order on Negative Keywords Will Not Break the Internet

PPC Hero

Expand Your Keyword List For Free: 6 Keyword Tools You Should Be Using (but probably aren’t). – “Must Read!”

5 Pay-Per-click Myths You Shouldn’t Believe – “Must Read!”

the PPC Book

Keyword List Building – Take what the defense gives you – “Must read!”

User Effect

Expectations and Usability: Habits

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4 Responses to “Pay Per Click Advertising Roundup”

  1. Dave Davis (2 comments.) says:

    Wow, fantastic roundup. Thanks for the mention too!

  2. jameszol says:

    Hey Dave, thanks for stopping by – you’re welcome for the mention. You wrote some great posts…definitely worth mentioning! :)

  3. Scott Brinker (2 comments.) says:

    I’ll second the motion: great round-up and thanks for the mention! You’ve just added a couple of hours to my reading list tonight — thank you! :-)

  4. jameszol says:

    Scott, thank you for visiting and commenting!

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