Pay Per Click Advertising Roundup for Wednesday through Sunday 2/27/08 - 3/2/08

by jameszol Mar 03, 2008  08:03 AM  - (2 comments)

Wow! What a crazy week - I am getting busier by the minute. I’m grateful to be busy serving customers, hiring new people, working on tool/software betas and more! I love this industry and I hope you enjoy this roundup:

Official Blogs

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Search Is Opening Up - I am excited to see the impact on ROI this might have with organic search…I love the yelp example in this post, very clickable.


Boost your adCenter traffic with Microsoft Content Ads - Content ads definitely drive a little extra traffic but we are having a hard time gathering enough data via Microsoft Content Ads to determine where it is promising vs not promising…but adCenter has been reliable as far as ROI goes - albeit a very very small conversion volume compared to Yahoo! and Google.

Negative Keywords - It’s All Positive

Favorite posts from the people/bloggers/companies we admire (alphabetical) -

(EMP) E-Marketing Performance

How to create a Negative Keyword list - A quick ‘how-to add negative keywords’ guide for each of the 3 major players.

Conversation Marketing

Handier Than Hobbits: Why You Need An Internet Marketing Pro - The title says it all… :)

Future Now’s GrokDotCom

How to Prioritize Your Optimization - Excellent post that outlines what should be optimized first. “Must read!”

PPC Hero

International PPC Campaigns: How to Target Outside the US With Success

Dynamic Landing Page Content: How to Increase Conversions through Increased Relevancy

Selling PPC Services: How to Present PPC to C-Level Executives

Social Media/News Feeds That Posted Stuff Related to PPC -


Contextual Advertising Best Practices: Banners and Video Ads

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2 Responses to “Pay Per Click Advertising Roundup for Wednesday through Sunday 2/27/08 - 3/2/08”

  1. Ron Patiro (1 comments.) Says:

    Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for working in this industry. I see a lot of bitter faces commuting to work… guess they don’t work in interactive marketing.

    So what’s your take on MS Adcenter? Have you been finding a higher ROI than Yahoo and Google? Would you say this is because of a higher conversion or clickthrough rates, or mostly because of lower bids?

  2. jameszol Says:

    Ron, thanks for stopping by!

    I am not a fan of the usability of AdCenter…but, in general, the ROI is almost always higher with AdCenter than any other platform we use.

    There is definitely a higher conversion rate in AdCenter - sometimes 20% or more than Google or Yahoo!!

    Costs per click are almost always lower with AdCenter - the problem is simply the click/impression volume. We will get 2,000 to 3,000 clicks from AdCenter but 50,000+ clicks from Google/Yahoo! for the same set of keywords.

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