Pay Per Click Advertising Roundup 1/15/08 - 1/18/08

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Official Blogs


More AdWords Seminars coming near you - Sounds like an awesome opportunity for Qualified Individuals and business owners alike!

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Calling all Search Superstars! - Another awards show…

Live Search’s adCenter (aka MSN)

Painless Parameters: dynamic text in adCenter - Search engines love dynamic text because it increases relevancy AND usually improves CTR.

Focus on non-brand terms to boost performance & revenue - Fairly basic post about expanding beyond branded terms if that is what you started with…I haven’t experienced an existing account yet that only had branded terms in it but I’m sure a few are out there.

Some PPC Tips For All Seasons - I tend to enjoy these posts that refer to certain estimates or assumptions or research regarding user behavior. They are always an interesting read.

Favorite posts from the people/bloggers/companies we admire (alphabetical) -


14 Trends No Marketer Should Ignore - Seth Godin presentation…definitely a must read!

Designing for Human Beings: How May I Help You? - Excellent thoughts about designing a site AND a process for building a relationship instead of accruing another number.

Aaron Wall’s SEO

Web Publishers: Are You Ready for Your Ad CPM Rate to Drop 30% in 2008?


Integration Alert: Local Search Now Showing 10 Results - I haven’t been able to replicate this but I wouldn’t doubt that it’s being tested.

Future Now’s GrokDotCom

7 Tips for Boosting Web Form Conversions - Forms DO make a difference to conversion rates!


Google AdWords Tips | This Time We Test The LAST Word Of The Ad

Search Engine Land

Google “Online Marketing Challenge” Has 724 College Teams Signed Up To Be Local SEMs

When Should You Outsource Your Pay Per Click Campaigns?

Search Engine Roundtable

Stop Your Google Ads From Displaying in Gmail - We talked about this early this week. Simply use site exclusion!

Editing a Google AdWords Ad, Technically Makes a New Ad - Every time I want to manipulate or test an ad I will pause the old one to keep the stats then delete it after we have enough data to make a wise decision.


Whiteboard Friday - Creating Marketing Personas - The persona creation technique has been around for ages but it’s AWESOME to be implementing them on the web.


Google’s Quality Score Failures

PPC Hero

Yahoo! Turns Conversion Tracking Off If No Conversions in a 45 Day Time Period - I didn’t know about this…

5 Tips That Will Make Bulk Uploading into MSN AdCenter Headache Free - MSN is the biggest headache for us. We almost always receive erroneous errors. Nice post.

Clix Marketing

Free eBook from Google: AdWords Textbook - Awesome find!

the PPC Book

PPC Advice from Yahoo - I enjoyed reading Jeff’s thoughts about a recent Y!SM blog post.

That’s a wrap! Have a great weekend!

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