Paid Organic ‘Site Links’ In Yahoo!?

By jameszol
Published on August 23, 2008

Yahoo! Search Submit Pro recently added (99% sure this is recent because I haven’t seen this before) a ‘site link’ functionality that looks very similar to’s paid links and, of course, there was probably some influence from Google’s first result site links – I wouldn’t be surprised if Yahoo! got the bright idea to add more links to more sponsored ‘organic’ results from because’s paid directory listings have been fed into Yahoo!’s organic results for quite some time now.

Click this screen shot to see the details:

Special note: Every single link above the fold for the query ‘loans’ in Yahoo! is paid! Wow!

Check out what a normal listing looks like:

Eerily similar, right?’s directory feed has been picked up by Yahoo! and stuffed into the organic results for quite some time now…or has been using ‘search submit pro’ for their directory feeds…I can’t confirm anything, just speculating here but I can say for certain that directory listings appear in Yahoo! organic search results…so I wonder if Yahoo! picks up these extra links now as part of the package or does submit them via ‘search submit pro’ as part of their package?

Yahoo!’s Search Submit Pro is a program where you can get ‘organic’ results that are really ‘paid’ if you can spend $5K+ per month. The application process is quite rigorous because the quality level of the pages you want in the ‘organic’ area have to be extremely high – or so they say. These ‘sponsored’ results are easy to spot as a paid search marketer or SEO but the general user probably does not or would not know the difference. You can spot these results by simply rubbing your mouse over the link and looking at what the status bar says at the bottom of your browser.

You might be surprised at how much those ‘organic’ listings could cost – they are profitable for because they cost less than does. I can say that I know from current experience that the top organic result for some insanely competitive keywords only costs .75 to $2 per click while the sponsored ‘non-search submit pro’ side of advertising would cost $5+/click for the number 1 spot.

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3 Responses to “Paid Organic ‘Site Links’ In Yahoo!?”

  1. manuel (2 comments.) says:

    fantastic find as usual, james. i have no clue whatsoever about this, more so because i don’t use yahoo for searching the web. but still, i wouldn’t really notice if you didn’t brought it up.

    btw, thanks for the post on your ‘nude’ reports –

    i can see now what those ‘other unique queries’ are in my campaigns. very helpful indeed.

  2. jameszol says:

    This post is on sphinn – please sphinn it!

  3. Josh Spickler says:

    so i know i’m incredibly late at this point, but i’ve been messing around with Yahoo PPI lately and had a few questions based on your post

    1. how do you know that those results are sponsored results? from my looking at the SERPs, i can’t tell the different between the true organic results and the fake organic results. (one of the results on a specific page is mine and it’s PPI)

    2. is there a way to make sitelinks appear for your own result? or is it just something in yahoo algorithm that picks em up?

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