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By shanesnow
Published on July 15, 2008

In response to the recent semvironment post on web marketing in Brazil, Tim Gill, a multilingual seo specialist writes:

I work over at Netconcepts and speak portuguese. I have been invited to go to SMX Brasil to speak on SEO. This is great information that I was not aware of. Brazil is a huge open source IT powerhouse. They have a government that understands the internet and forbade gov agencies from buying windows. LOL. I am making it my personal mission to focus on the Latin American Markets because of all of the opportunities. Spanish is the second-biggest “European” language on the Internet, after English. According to Internet World Stats, over a fifty million Spanish-speaking people use the Internet, just a touch above the number of German-speaking people. What is most astounding is that there is less than a 15% penetration rate of the Spanish population, compared to over 50% for the German population. What does this mean? Simply that Spanish is poised to grow a lot faster on the Internet than German and many other languages. Spanish is the language of the fastest growth on the Internet, so make sure that Spanish search marketing strategy. As the online U.S. Hispanic community continues to grow, the most cost effective way to reach this significant market audience is through an effective Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. The higher a site scores with Indexibility, Relevance and Authority against the search engine’s requirements, the higher ranking the website will receive in the organic results.

The benefits of optimizing Spanish web pages include:

  • Serving the U.S. Hispanic Community which continues to lead Internet users in growth.
  • Increased brand awareness within the Hispanic community. Educate and inform a targeted market audience.
  • Competitive advantage as many other brands are slow to serve the Hispanic market.
  • High ROI as top rankings result in increased qualified traffic
  • Search users prefer organic results and view them as credible, not advertisers.

It’s good to see someone else is seeing this too! Keep up the great posts!

Thanks, Tim!

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  1. Griffin (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks Funny enough, I actually had this on my mind a few days ago

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