Introducing Dustin McKay - semvironment Supply Chain VP

By jameszol
Published on April 11, 2008

Dustin McKay, semvironment Supply Chain VP, spends too much time reading Digg. This makes him a good resource of random facts. His desire for learning and thirst for pointless wisdom hasn’t helped him out much yet, but we’re optimistic.

McKay has an unconventional approach to life. He isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty…in fact, he built a scooter with help from a welding buddy, and now can go twice the legal speed limit in most parts of his rural home town of Rigby, Idaho while maintaining the quiet dignity that can only be expressed by a man riding a scooter…umm…yeah, at least the scooter is enviro-friendly, right?

He has many hobbies and experiments in just about everything, but his greatest love is his family (wife and two sons.) One of his hobbies, however, is to dabble in the green arts. The mysterious art of energy efficiency and simple living. Again his scooter is an expression of this, it gets close to 500 mpg! … okay, not quite that high, but close at around 80 mpg.

Those who meet Dustin always remember his loud voice, happy disposition and absent minded behavior. Occasionally he will take time out of his oh so busy “simple life” to sit back and enjoy a BBQ or a sailing trip around the world. He sailed for quite some time while growing up with his family. How did he end up in Idaho? We don’t know…

Dustin is a tenacious product finder. He is excellent at getting to the best possible source of a product for our ecommerce websites. He is ferociously efficient and that will help us grow to new levels!

We’re glad to have Dustin on our management team!

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