I’m Interested In Link Building…

By jameszol
Published on May 30, 2008

So I thought I would share something I found – the problem is, I don’t remember where I found this tip so if you know the source, please send a comment my way! :)

We’re newbies to link building and we won’t even pretend to really know what’s up in the SEO/Link Building world but we have posted a tactic or two in the past and we think you might like to hear about this…it’s so simple, a ppc pro can do it. ;)

First, go to Google News or Google’s Blog Search…and perform a search on the query you want to do link building on.

Second, look at the menu on the left side of your screen:

Number 1 - Pick a time frame…if you’re in an industry that does not have too many search results or too much web activity (hard to believe…but could be true) you will need more time so you capture all the most recent stories in your industry.

Number 2 -  THE GOLD! The golden ticket is this – subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up to get email alerts on that subject and you will have daily opportunities to make relevant comments on news stories and blog posts where you might be able to include a link in your ‘signature’ that isn’t ‘nofollowed’…

Finally, keep it up – sometimes a nofollow link is really followed – I’m not convinced that the search engines attribute zero value to nofollowed links because I regularly see them in link profiles…they must count for something…anyways, you simply can’t give up – link building is a long term task and it can be tedious. The end results are fantastic when you get to pocket bigger paychecks every day because your website is ranking for some competitive terms.

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3 Responses to “I’m Interested In Link Building…”

  1. Ludvik Høegh-Krohn (6 comments.) says:

    Does this count as well? :)

    Seriously: I do agree, there is no such thing as zero value to a link!


  2. jameszol says:

    Luvik, Comments are automatically no-followed here…but I would allow you to place a link in your signature following your name – and I would personally edit out the nofollow to those that are regulars or trustworthy like you. Thanks for stopping by and drop a link under your name next time! ;) -James

  3. Yellow SEO (1 comments.) says:

    Jameszol, very interesting information on link building, just as a side note a no-follow link would still be counted for inanchor relevancy by google. It just will not pass juice for page rank. Which means sometimes a non follow link is just as good ad a do follow link.

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