How Many Spiders Does A Person Swallow In Their Sleep?

By shanesnow
Published on July 8, 2008

According to KeywordDiscovery, this phrase, “How many spiders does a person swallow in their sleep,” garners 14,912 searches per month. Nobody is advertising on this keyphrase, so initially one might get very excited about the possibilities.

But upon further analysis, this figure becomes very suspicious. Queries with related keywords like “How to kiss” and “Spider bites” get less searches than this ultra-specific phrase. In fact, “how many spiders do you swallow in your sleep” doesn’t even show up. Other variations of this phrase receive 7 or fewer searches. It seems fairly unlikely that a 10 word phrase would get 14,905 more searches than all other similar queries.

As a PPC manager, one must be prepared for anomolies in keyword data. Both in preparing to respond to opportunity and to know what not to waste time and money on.

KeywordDiscovery explains one possible reason for the spider swallowing anomoly:

“The main reason for large extremes are parked and expired domains. Parked domains account for a large chunk of the engine’s profits and are classed as searches.
For example, if you visit, sedo (the domain parking provider) sends a search request to Google to retrieve and display the search results for the term ‘medical software’.

“This counts as a search every time the page is visited. This inflates the number of searches for that term and this is often reflected in the Keyword Discovery data (mostly on popular search phrases). This is why you may see searches for keywords such as “online website marketing”, for which real people would be very unlikely to search for. This particular term would be likely to appear on an expired domain that previously provided SEO or marketing information.”

Upon typing the phrase, “how many spiders does a person swallow in their sleep,” into Wordtracker, zero results are returned. Obviously, therefore, 14,912 is inaccurate.

Just like people, machines and bots are not perfect. Good managers need to be able to discern and make good judgment calls on the data they receive. Moral of the story: investigate your keywords thoroughly and don’t get caught with dollar signs in your eyes, or you’ll be paying $0.02 per click on ten word phrases that never get searched.

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2 Responses to “How Many Spiders Does A Person Swallow In Their Sleep?”

  1. Nina Hale (1 comments.) says:

    Aha! I just saw this anomaly on KWD, and went to Google to find out more, thinking “this must be a song or something.” Thanks for the article, and renewing my faith not to remake any wheels.

  2. Mpls SEO Guy - Chris (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve found KeywordDiscovery to be fairly inaccurate as well, but I cannot believe this is caused by parked domains. If you look at the hits some of the top parked domains get on Sedo you see very few even get to double digits. Given this information I would have to believe this is just an abnormally queried topic. I could be wrong, just my opinion.

    Great post BTW

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