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How Is Working 90+ Hours Each Week Inspiring?

By jameszol
Published on April 10, 2008

The past few weeks I have been pushing 90+ hour work weeks…and the only part that I’m bummed about is the lack of time spent with my family - who are very important to me so I will slow it down because family is, and always will be, an acceptable and enjoyable reason to take it easy. Take it easy means 50-60 hours a week instead of 90+ hours. :)

Why would anybody put in hours like that?

I don’t know. It’s insane…but it’s inspiring at the same time.

I’m definitely not the first to do it in this industry and I won’t be the last…in fact, I would be willing to bet that a bunch of my competitive colleagues put in more hours than I do every week!

How is working 90+ hour work weeks inspiring?

What inspires me are the executives, founders, individuals, marketers, investors, competitors and others that I get the privilege of working with and for and against ;) - you can tell they didn’t get where they are without a heck of a lot of hard work, some good fortune and determination. They all have a fantastic story to tell and I get to learn from them and I get to participate in their success in some way or another. I feel very lucky to play even a small part in helping others grow and succeed on the web.

I don’t always succeed…and my excuse is that it’s marketing so it’s always a risk. :) What I’m really doing is cataloging every failure and creating this arsenal of experience, education and knowledge that I can use in the future as a list of what not to do…then again, if a particular situation calls for it, a previous failure can get resurrected and be a huge success! Isn’t the world wide web fantastic that way?

The most inspiring part of the long hours is the opportunity I have to improve the future living situation of my family by helping others secure their future today. Employees, clients and my family have dreams…and I’m here to help in whatever way that I can.


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2 Responses to “How Is Working 90+ Hours Each Week Inspiring?”

  1. Dean (1 comments.) Says:

    James, james, james.

    That’s a lot of freaking work! I guess I probably did that at some point in my life. It worked, I got ahead and made a nice living for my family and me. The only problem however is that work ethic stuck, if not physically then mentally. So when with my family work was always on the mind. Just know when and how to mentally check-out when all is said and done.

  2. jameszol Says:

    Dean -

    Lol, it certainly is a lot of work. :)

    You’re absolutely right - mental work ethic is already there…and it will be very hard to break it.

    I have to learn to mentally check out…

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