Hooray! Thanks For Helping Us Pass 100 Readers!

by jameszol Jan 24, 2008  06:01 AM  - (3 comments)

Wow, it is an honor to have 100+ readers subscribed to our blog!

You are keeping us motivated - you are the real leaders of this small and growing community! You are driving and encouraging us to write well, contribute as much as possible, and devote time and dedication to enhancing your knowledge, education, and entertainment occasionally pops in every once in a while through a mistake, a bad assumption, funny thoughts, and more.

Thank you for helping us grow and thank you for subscribing to our blog! :)

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3 Responses to “Hooray! Thanks For Helping Us Pass 100 Readers!”

  1. Ludvik Høegh-Krohn (6 comments.) Says:


    I just subscribed a couple of days ago, and must say you do a great job in collecting paid search news from many sources! You are #1 on my igoogle frontpage!


  2. Dr. Pete (11 comments.) Says:

    Congratulations! I just recently hit 200, and am happy to say that that second hundred was quite a bit easier than the first hundred. You’ll probably be passing me soon :)

  3. jameszol Says:


    Thank you for the compliment! I’m glad you like our roundups!

    @Dr. Pete

    Congrats to you too! You write great posts and it’s always nice to see what a psychology Dr. thinks about certain usability factors.

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