Hooray! Detailed Keyword Data Is Available Again!!!!

By jameszol
Published on March 13, 2008

A buddy just emailed me to say that his Google Analytics advanced filters were working again to expose the detailed search queries of AdWords visitors!

You can find detailed instructions on exposing your keyword data in this post:

PPC Management: AdWords Keyword Data Exposed With Google Analytics!

I looked into it and it looks like Google fixed their advanced filter problem (at least for these filters) on March 5th.

Yes, I will eat my words and gladly admit that I overreacted in this post. :)

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6 Responses to “Hooray! Detailed Keyword Data Is Available Again!!!!”

  1. Bryan Smith (1 comments.) says:

    Will the advanced filter also work fine with the new ga.js script?

  2. Schleckel says:

    HI again.
    I’ve got the ga.js script and the filters doesn’t seem to work with this.
    Any good ideas???

  3. jameszol says:

    Sorry for the delayed response to both of you.

    It appears that the filter does work with ga.js…but I will have to wait one more day for a fairly conclusive test.

  4. jameszol says:

    I can confidently conclude that the filter is working with ga.js. I checked a single landing page today that only has ga.js on it and cross-segmented it with keywords to see that the exact search term is in parenthesis next to the advertised term like so: mortgage loan (mortgage+loan+maryland).

  5. bluetrain (1 comments.) says:

    Hi James, thanks for confirming the filter works with the new ga.js script. I guess next time I shouldn’t be so lazy and just do the test myself. ;) Great script, I have added it to all of my PPC clients. Thanks.

  6. jameszol says:

    No Problem Bryan. :)

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