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Hand Writing Notes Like They’re Text Advertisements

By jameszol
Published on January 22, 2008

I started reviewing some of my hand written notes over the past few days to make sure I haven’t missed anything super important and I realized that I started to write notes like this:

I Need To Check Analytics For This Client Three Times This Week

Write Test Ads For Another Client

Check On Affiliate Programs

Send Email To Acquaintance

And Many Many More…

I’m attributing the First Letter Capitalization to the way I write advertisements…I have been revamping and revitalizing some ad tests we are conducting and decided to dump almost 2000 unique ads out to Google over the past several days.

I would almost be willing to bet that my longer notes are precisely 70 characters in length! :)

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5 Responses to “Hand Writing Notes Like They’re Text Advertisements”

  1. Costa Rica SEO (6 comments.) Says:

    Ha ha! I do the exact same thing. I never thought to count the characters though. Hopefully I don’t start counting them out as I write them now. That would drive me nuts.

  2. jameszol Says:

    @Costa Rica SEO

    Yeah, counting characters would tell me that I’m taking this work way too seriously…

  3. Christopher Kata (1 comments.) Says:

    OK, that is way too hilarious!

  4. PPC Whiz (7 comments.) Says:

    Just wait until you put calls to action in them:

    Make Dinner Tonight, Free Dessert!
    Have Shower, Use Shampoo, 1/2 Off Conditioner!

    I found myself doing the same thing a little while ago. If I start using dynamic keyword insertion I will know my time is up.

  5. jameszol Says:

    @PPC Whiz

    hahaha, you’re right! Calling yourself to action AND using DKI would definitely be an indication of going overboard…Nice comment! :)

    Very funny!

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