Google Squeezing More Text Ads In Places Like Image Search

By shanesnow
Published on December 1, 2008

A couple of weeks ago Google started placing AdWords ads on Google Finance, as was announced on the Adwords Blog. It was also announced that Google Images would be getting some ads as well. Search Engine Land reported today that Google Images is now testing text ads rather than banner ads.

Instead of a large banner ad at the top or bottom of Google Images results, Google users are now seeing three text ads appear:

(Screenshot source: AccuraCast)

Reports are also saying that Google News ad testing is now going on as well.

So what can PPC Advertisers, website business owners, and pay per click agencies learn from what Google is doing? Start smathering ads all over anything that’s blank! Just kidding. But we do think that the bottom line is you can be squeezing more out of your sites than you currently are. The caveat, however, is that you need to test your users’ reactions to more ads, changes, and increased monetization strategies on your websites. This is why Google is taking time to test each change it makes to each of its services, and it never just rolls something out point blank. Testing is one of the big secrets of website optimization, and that goes in the PPC world as well.

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