Google Product Search Plus Box In Alpha

By shanesnow
Published on November 14, 2008

A new product is in early testing stages on Google. The product test is by invite only, but it is a feature that may dramatically affect search engine results in the future, especially paid search advertising.

Selected AdWords advertisers are having a line show up below their ad in search results that says “+Show Products from [Advertiser] for [search query].” When clicked, this link expands to a box with three product images, complete with title, price, and description. The box takes up a very large portion of the screen, bumping the next results far below.

A Google AdWords rep confirmed in a message to us that the name of this feature is the “Product Search Plux Box,” and that the alpha test involves a very limited number of advertisers and is closed to additional participants at this time. The Google team may decide to re-open the test to additional advertisers in the future, but for now only those advertisers that were previously invited are able to participate in the test.

We were personally unable to replicate search results that featured the Product Search Plus box, but Search Engine Land posted a couple of screenshots a few weeks ago that we took the liberty to draw on:

It appears that the advertisers involved use GoogleCheckout, but it is unclear whether these products come from Google Base. Search Engine Land speculated that they do not.

Questions we have are: Can anyone out there find examples of the Product Search Plus Box out there? Can any of you replicate this? Also, are there similar results coming up with local adwords listings of some kind?

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3 Responses to “Google Product Search Plus Box In Alpha”

  1. PPC PROZ (1 comments.) says:

    WOW!!! this new feature is amazing. I ran one of blue nile’s competitors PPC campaigns and must say I would love to get my hands on this new feature, test it out & understand how it works.

  2. Dan - PPCPROZ (2 comments.) says:

    I agree, the fact that the expanded products window pushing other ppc competitors down, is an amazing feature!

    Adwords continues to develop new and interesting features.

  3. Tom At The Home Business Archive (1 comments.) says:

    Amazing new feature.I have never used PPC advertising, but I think the bids must be quite high for that.

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