Google Displays Real Numbers In Their Keyword Tool!

By jameszol
Published on July 7, 2008

Jeremy Mayes received a nice little message in his account today that said he could see real statistics on the estimated search volume in his Keyword Tool!

We have not been able to replicate using the AdWords External Keyword Tool, Personal Accounts or from our Client Center client accounts…but it looks awesome!

Edit: At 10:30pm, MDT we were able to access these same reports in all accounts and it is accessible through the AdWords External Keyword Tool so you don’t need an AdWords account to access this data!

Here is how to check it out – the estimated search real numbers show by default, but to get the most from the tool, follow these instructions:

1. Click on ‘tools’ under the ‘campaign management’ tab in your AdWords account. (Or go to the AdWords External Keyword Tool and skip to step 3.)

2. Click on ‘Keyword Tool’ – it’s on the left side of the page in the first column of Tools.

3. Enter a keyword…and click on the button “Get Keyword Ideas”.

4. When the results are displayed, you will see a drop down menu right below the “Get Keyword Ideas” button – the drop down says “Show/Hide Columns” by default I think. Click on that drop down and choose “Show All”.

Clicking the dropdown:

And that will show you this…if you aren’t special like Jeremy Mayes ;) :

Now, this is a pretty sweet trick – even if you don’t have the ‘real’ numbers yet – simply use the match type drop down and study your search trends for each match type. Match types will display a variety of trends for the same keyword!

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8 Responses to “Google Displays Real Numbers In Their Keyword Tool!”

  1. Phillip (1 comments.) says:

    Tried it, still the old one. Maybe they are busy beta testing it?
    Hope we all become special soon! :)

  2. jameszol says:

    Hi Phillip! Thanks for stopping by. I think they’re rolling it out right now…and most users will have this functionality within a few days – at least that is what we hope will happen!

  3. AdWords Keyword Tool mit realem Suchvolumen | Online Marketing und SEO Blog says:

    [...] Keyword schalten um das reale Suchvolumen zu kennen. Dies soll sich nun ändern, wie ich gerade hier gelesen habe. In den USA werden seit einigen Stunden die Daten komplett [...]

  4. Jeremy (2 comments.) says:

    “And that will show you this…if you aren’t special like Jeremy Mayes ;)

    I know you meant special in a good way….HA!

  5. Adam (3 comments.) says:

    Wow.. I have been waiting for that for a while. Just in time for the official funeral for Yahoo’s Overture tool. I tried to see if I could get the new format up too but alas, no love for the Canadian north of the border. Oh well, thank for bringing this to my attention James! Cheers

  6. jameszol says:

    @Jeremy – lol, yup! I was really jealous…I wanted to be special too! Late last night, AdWords made us feel special by granting us access to the new ‘real’ numbers…lol. Thanks for pointing this out! :)

    @Adam – I’m sure Google is rolling it out…but I don’t know how or when. Hang in there, you will have access to the coveted ‘real’ numbers soon! :)

  7. jameszol says:

    Don’t forget to read Jeremy’s comments on his original post – it looks like the feature has been taken away…probably for a really short time and it will be back soon. I guess we’ll all just have to ‘wait and see’.

  8. Google Search Data | PPC Whiz says:

    [...] got all excited when I read some ppc blog posts showing new search volume numbers that had been released in Google’s Keyword tool. I hurried [...]

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