Good Morning MSN and Burkina Faso

By jameszol
Published on June 9, 2008

Note: This error was fixed sometime during the day on June 10, 2008.

If you happen to review your MSN adCenter accounts this morning – specifically the geo-targeting of ad groups – you might be in for a BIG surprise!! You are targeting a remote, land locked African nation called Burkina Faso…here is the screen shot of what you might see in MSN:

The above can be found by clicking any specific campaign -> ad group -> ad group settings -> around the middle of the page you will see this funky geo-targeted setting.

This is not happening to all accounts but it appears to be happening to a handful of them…

Do not panic though – so far, it appears that the real geo-targeted campaign is still showing ads appropriately in the original targeted area...for example, all of my United States targeted ad groups are still displaying ads in the United States and I have not seen any clicks or impressions from Burkina Faso when running geo-targeted reports in MSN.

I called MSN and found out that this is happening to several accounts and it has been escalated to their ‘senior team’ to fix the glitch. Remember, it appears your ads are still showing up in the desired place…but I would advise that you check your own ads and geotargeting to make sure it’s all right.

If you find out that you’re targeting Burkina Faso, MSN advises to not change it because they will reverse the displayed problem and are trying to alleviate any potential problems that changing it might have…like ads not displaying at all…

Run a report yourself for the past few days to make sure you have not accrued any cool clicks from Burkina Faso:

After signing into MSFT adCenter -> Reports -> Create Report -> Report type: geotargeting (all the way at the bottom of the list in the drop down) -> Custom date range -> Choose the past few days -> Click ‘create report’

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