Getting Conversion Data With Your New Analytics Profile

By jameszol
Published on December 26, 2007

A few people emailed/posted a great question about finding the conversion data with the new filters you added to your Google Analytics profiles we discussed in our PPC Management series. Here you go:

(These instructions start after you are logged into your Analytics profile of choice…)

If You DO NOT Use Goals -

1. Click on Content.

2. Then click on Top Content.

3. Find your conversion page and click on it…you will get a bunch of fantastic stats about that page.

(Click the image above to see a bigger picture…)

4. Drop down the Segment menu and choose Keyword (directly underneath and to the right of the bold sentence “This page was viewed **** times“).

If You USE Goals!

1. Click on Traffic Sources.

2. Then click on Keywords.

3. Click on a detailed keyword.

4. Finally, click on Goal Conversion – you can see the keyword conversion rate, number of conversions, and my favorite: the Per Visit Goal Value for that specific keyword!

Now you can review all the specific keywords that converted from AdWords! :)

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5 Responses to “Getting Conversion Data With Your New Analytics Profile”

  1. Advertiser competition affects quality score says:

    [...] articles such as: “NUDE: Create Dynamic Landing Pages In 15 Minutes Or Less” and “Getting Conversion Data With Your New Analytics Profile“, this last particular article is irrelevant. He makes many assumptions about quality score [...]

  2. Dan - Adwords Professional (6 comments.) says:

    thank you for the explanation.

    i see that goals can only be viewed at the incividual kw level, not viewing all keywords at once:)

    this too bad, as you cannot then export all kws to excell and see which queries were good/bad.

    i suppose this won’t work for me after all. I’ll have to use the user defined filter method.

  3. jameszol says:

    I need to edit this post…the first set of instructions is exactly what you are looking for.

    Simply go to your Top Content, search for your goal pages and cross segment that individual page with your keywords and kabam – you have a nice list of keywords that converted. :)

    Let me know if that helps!

  4. Jared - SEM says:

    I have implemented these filters and am getting the raw query data listed next to my Adwords. However, my goals are not registering. I was also wondering why if I have ecommerce enabled, ecommerce data will show for keywords listed without the raw query but not for the combination for the two?

    Also, Am i correct in assuming that if a keyword is listed as such:

    key word

    and not

    key word, (key+word)

    That is was becuase the raw query was unable to be exracted due to deleted cookies, etc.

    BTW. Great post. Thanks for the help.

  5. Dan PPCPROZ (6 comments.) says:

    hi james,

    i see. I will give that a shot, thanks so much.


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